18 February 2007

Glenn "Jethro" Grothman: wrong on Hispanic history.

Hi folks,

Real life and work caught up with me during most of January and February but Glenn, as always, is still busy embarrassing Washington County.

There is a back(b)log [a blogjam? :^)] of nonsense , but here's the latest -- you've probably already seen it.

In an interview with WKOW TV Glenn managed to get a headline that reads: Grothman: ''Why in the world would we give preferences to Hispanics?

"I think our society is used to giving preference to African Americans," Grothman told 27 News. "But why in the world would we give preferences to Hispanics, who've just come here? Perhaps we could remove preferences for those people."

The Capital Times replied with West Bend should be ashamed of Sen. Grothman's views. Here's part of that reply:
One can read into these idiotic words in many ways. Clearly, however, the words are xenophobic and to some degree reflect the views and opinions of some, if not most, of the people in West Bend he is, after all, their representative. [...]

The senator from West Bend joined in the debate sounding like Jethro from "The Beverly Hillbillies." To amplify his backwoods knowledge, West Bend's gifted son stated that "historical, racial prejudices have declined, obviating the need" for any policy aimed at helping disadvantaged minorities in the state. Wow! According to state Sen. Grothman, Wisconsin has achieved a colorblind society.

Is there no shame in West Bend? [Robert Miranda]

We should remember that lies never hurt nearly so much as the truth. Does this sting because it's a lie, or because it's the truth? I worry that Mr. Miranda nailed it. [For more, thoughtful response, see Caffeinated Politics.]

Apparently, Glenn never figured out why we (all of us, not just some disembodied evil guv'rmnt) why we might want to make getting into college more than a matter of whether you went to a properly funded high school.

That's ashame. There are perfectly good reasons.

On the other hand, this is just another example of the same mentality that thought it was a good idea to put millions of federal dollars at stake by de-listing that damned garter snake -- just so one of his friends could put up a fence.

Still, he flip-flopped on that vote. Maybe he'll flip-flop on Hispanic history too.

But wait, does this mean that he's flip-flopped on African-American history? It looks like he's no longer opposed to MLK day -- at least, not in public.