13 August 2014

Glenn tries to leave home.

Hi everyone,

I've been on hiatus from this catalog of Senator Grothman's activities on behalf of the voters of Washington and Ozaukee Counties for the two years, while representing my faculty colleagues in the UW Colleges at the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents meetings.  We come from all over the political spectrum so it seemed appropriate for me to quiet down while I serve in that role -- and so I shall.

For those of you just joining in the spectacle, spell bound by the widening gyre of Senator Grothman's interpretation of life in these United States, this blog has a pretty good catalog up until 2 years ago.  Others have stepped in during that time to take up the slack as my State Senator's commentary has ... continued.

Welcome to our world everyone.  He belongs to you now, too.


06 August 2012

Tanya Lohr's campaign makes the Huffington Post.

Read all about it!  Tanya stayed to fight for her family, and everyone else's.  Here's the link to the Huffington Post.
So it was with shock and fear that Lohr watched the Walker agenda. His budget decimated support for public education and directly attacked government workers, including teachers. Her family considered leaving, but decided to stay and fight. Tanya organized locally to recall Scott Walker and his extremist colleagues, including her State Senator Glenn Grothman. She became a coordinator of the Recall campaign and then Chair of the Washington County Democratic Party. And this November, Tanya Lohr will challenge Glenn Grothman for Wisconsin's 20th District Senate Seat.

26 July 2012

Glenn Grothman Wants Elections Close Enough to Steal?

Apparently.  This does track with the fact that, underlying everything Glenn says, is a belief that the responsibilities of citizenship come in second place to economics.  So, if they have to steal elections "For the good of the economy" it's okay.

Just musing.  Here's the link from the cousins over at Voices Newspaper.

Voices Newspaper Blog: Glenn Grothman Wants Elections Close Enough to Steal

Grothman is doing his part to help ensure the election will be close enough to steal by denying legal citizens the right to vote, despite the fact that two judges have independently determined that the state's American Legislative Exchange Council-inspired voter ID restriction imposes an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote 

24 July 2012

Wisconsin Republican Senator Believes Voter ID Will Help Romney 'In A Close Race'

Of course he did.

Wisconsin Republican Senator Believes Voter ID Will Help Romney 'In A Close Race' | ThinkProgress

In an interview with ThinkProgress on Sunday, the number-two Republican senator argued that voter ID could be a boon for Republicans’ electoral prospects if the controversial law, which was recently blocked in state court, is reinstated in time for the November election. “Insofar as there are inappropriate things, people who vote inappropriately are more likely to vote Democrat,” argued Grothman.