16 August 2008

This November, end this blog. Vote for Clyde Winter.

Hi everyone,

The easiest way to stop me in my tracks, is to vote for Clyde Winter this November. Once Clyde wins, we can all stop worrying over the latest nonsense from Glenn since, well, there won't be any more nonsense and, well, I can delete this blog.

And while you're at it, Clyde has listed the other contested elections in our area this year and your way to take back Wisconsin from the party of Grand Old Tax-anorexia.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Mark. I met Pat Strachota at the emerald ash borer presentation at the Fair Ground. She was not pleased to see me come up to her cohorts speaking enthusiastically about "Choice for A Change". Not having seen her in person before, I confessed I hadn't recognized her. That did not improve her disposition. "Well, you ought to", she snapped.

I'm glad Greg Dombrow is running against her. He makes a lot more sense.