29 April 2009

Glenn Grothman: votes no on penalties for sex discrimination.

Hi everyone,

I used to think that Glenn voted against bills like this because of the potential holes lurking in them --

(For instance: if it's true that 84% of all sexual discrimination cases "are found to be without merit" then the reporting mechanisms should probably be reexamined. Moreover, there's every good reason to want to avoid following the path of medical malpractice claims, where insurance companies find it cheaper to settle (even in cases where the doctor was not actually guilty of malpractice) than go through a trial. I notice that the paper didn't address either of these two elephants in the room.)

-- but, I've come around to the belief that my Senator simply doesn't like any legislation which attends to social justice because social justice is just too expensive.

Senate approves bill allowing judges to award damages for sex discrimination

Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) called the bill "very dangerous," because it will prompt businesses to pay settlements of up to $25,000 with workers and former workers to avoid paying legal bills to defend themselves.

Although more than 3,000 discrimination complaints are filed every year, 84% of them are found to be without merit, Grothman added.


24 April 2009

Glenn Grothman: standing up for our freedom to smoke, and then make others breathe it.

Okay, just one more.

Glenn doesn't like science, obviously.

This from Kevin Fischer's Week-ends

"Working in a bar is not like working in a coal mine in West Virginia in 1915. Second- hand smoke is a minor problem. … It’s not that dangerous of a thing."

State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), dismissing the statewide smoking ban included in Governor Doyle's budget as “one more freedom we’re taking away.”

It's a freedom we're being denied?

Who is blowing smoke now?


Glenn Grothman: new law to protect cyclists is stupid.

Hi everyone,

Okay, one more from last Monday.

They've introduced a new bill so that if someone in a parked car pops open their door without looking, and a bicyclist slams into it, the cyclist doesn't get a ticket.

And so, what kind of response should we expect from Wisconsin's 20th Senate District?

At issue: Whack a bicyclist, get a ticket

No less a celebrity than talk radio host Rush Limbaugh attacked the Madison ordinance on a Feb. 16 show, saying bikers ought to just start riding “defensively.”

“It is not a matter of common sense,” Limbaugh said. “It’s the government taking over our lives so we don’t need to have any common sense.”

Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend agreed. “It never ceases to amaze me that after 160 years, legislators still find new laws to be introduced.”

I'm working through whether introducing a law to nix an old, stupid law, is the same as finding a new law to be introduced.


Glenn Grothman: there's too much attention being paid to cancer among minorities.

Clearing some backload from Glenn's recent press:

First, Doctors don't respect human life and now this:

Pushing cancer education, awareness for minorities

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services aims to educate the public about certain health challenges, including the disparities among racial and ethnic groups.

"So one of our challenges is that we know that rates of many kinds of cancer are higher among communities of color – African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic, Asians – than they are for our White populations."


Senator Glenn Grothman had said we don't need Minority Cancer Awareness Week; awareness for everyone should suffice.

Because Glenn doesn't believe cancer rates are higher among communities of color?

-- I know, or global warming. Or evolution, probably.


Glenn Grothman: doctors don't respect human life.

Hi everyone,

The Legislature approved appointments to the state medical board this week but, as usual, Glenn was unhappy.

State Senate OKs seats

“I think the people on the UW Hospital Board bizarrely not only don’t have respect for human life, they don’t have respect for people who have respect for human life,” he [Grothman] said.

It must be quite a burden to constantly hope things will go badly for the state and, then, complain when they don't. If the economy improves he's going to need new and stronger meds. I wonder if he'll go to a doctor then?


10 April 2009

Glenn Grothman: protecting kids from lead paint is okay so long as it doesn't cost us anything.

Hi everyone,

I think something must've happened to Glenn when he got into the Senate. Maybe lead in his childhood home finally caught up with him? If only they'd had lead abatement programs to protect kids in those days...

News: $6.7 million will go to decreasing lead paint

“Too many children have already been harmed by lead paint or other hazards and this money is crucial to allowing us to help make our homes safer,” Doyle said in a statement.

However, Republicans are skeptical of the measure due to the increase in federal spending.

Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, member of the Senate Committee on Housing, expressed his concern on the government’s recent spending on various programs in the state.

“The federal government is so far in debt they have no businesses spending more money on anything, but if they’re doling out money… we might as well get our fair share,” Grothman said.

I guess ...

If we have to.


03 April 2009

Glenn Grothman: students get enough money

Hi everyone,

Mr. Grothman thinks it's still 1974 -- the years before he started his crusade to cut access to the middle class through the university.

Grothman: students get enough money

Anyway, I still think it's ironic that students did get enough money back when the state subsidized Grothman's education.