29 April 2011

Glenn Grothman wrong for believing the government wants single parent families..


legis.wisconsin.gov/senate/sen20/news/Press/2011/Grothman families.pdf

But I think what Glenn must have meant is that since greedy industrialists spent the money to put him and his buddies in power, they've made it cost effective for businesses to pay American non-professional workers less over the past 30 years thus increasing the economic, emotional, and spiritual pressure on young people to the point where they have to worry about taking care of themselves rather than taking care of each other. After all, as Mr. Ryan and Sen. Johnson, and the other Randians now in power will assert, it's good to be selfish -- and Glenn has enabled economic policies designed to produce as much selfishness as possible.

That must be what he meant. Maybe one of his secretaries screwed up the copy in his news letter.


26 April 2011

Glenn Grothman: School too psychologically dangerous for kids?

I'm beginning to find that the psychological explanations for Senator Grothman's behaviors are the only ones that make sense...

Like, did he just get beat up a lot when he was in Kindergarten?

State ranks 6th in prekindergarten access - JSOnline

There are 4 "not intended to be factual statements" Glenn makes in this quote. Can you find them.

The nonsense from Senator Grothman:
"As Wisconsin has added more 4-year-old kindergartens, our fourth-grade reading scores have plummeted," Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) said in an interview Monday. "I think early education, like any preschool program, can have harmful psychological effects, and any academic benefit disappears by the time one is 9 or 10."
Did you find all four?

The reality:
Wisconsin met five of 10 quality benchmarks in its 4K program. It met having early learning standards, requiring teachers to have degrees and licenses, requiring teacher training and having a process in place for monitoring sites.

So, was the Senator just lying when he made his comments or were they too not intended to be factual statements? Or was he counting on Wisconsin voters to be such timid numb skulls that they don't care?

Or, after the past few months, can he even tell the difference anymore?


18 April 2011

Glenn Grothman and The New Republican Landscape

I think our Senator was ahead of the curve on this one. He's been trying his hardest to cut government services to working people, in order to pay out tax cuts to the rich, for years.

Nice to know Glenn has been a major player at the cutting edge of increasing the American disparity in wealth.

How is this conservative again?

The New Republican Landscape - NYTimes.com


The mania for blindly cutting has also spread to statehouses, many with new Republican governors and legislatures. Several states have cut their unemployment benefits below the standard 26 weeks. Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona has proposed removing 138,000 people from Medicaid. Many recession-battered states, including some led by Democrats, have been forced to cut other services because Republicans have made it so politically difficult to raise taxes. Education, mental health and juvenile justice funds have been particular targets.

In Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Maine and Florida, Republican governors have used the smokescreen of a poor economy to pursue a long-held conservative goal of destroying public and private unions. This has nothing to do with creating jobs, of course, and it has shocked many blue-collar voters who are suddenly second-guessing their support for Republicans last November.

17 April 2011

Senator Chris Larson at Grothman Recall Rally 4/16/11 Saukville WI

Senator Chris Larson at Grothman Recall Rally 4/16/11 Saukville WI

Even Glenn has managed to alienate a lot of his former supporters with the kind of arrogance we saw on CNN and MSNBC.

05 April 2011

Grothman urges DNR to hire older workers - JSOnline

Grothman urges DNR to hire older workers - JSOnline

Madison -- Sen. Glenn Grothman advised the Department of Natural Resources on Monday to consider hiring people in their 40s and 50s because he believes younger workers don't have an understanding of the costs of regulation on the private sector.

The West Bend Republican made his comments to DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp as she addressed the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee.

"Maybe you (should) look to hire those people who know what the real world is like, rather than a recent graduate from UW-Stevens Point who doesn't know what the real world is like," Grothman said.

Grothman said older workers who have been laid off during the recession would have a better sense of the cost to businesses when involved in disputes with the agency.

Because having to work 3 crappy jobs to pay for college means you don't know what the real world is like? Apparently, for Glenn, you only get a view of the real world from your window seat in the bar at the Country Club.

Sorry Glenn, but I don't know what that world looks like either.