31 January 2011

Glenn Grothman: closet progressive??

Who can say what lurks in his true heart, but this is a happy symptom.

Payday loan limits still undefined

26 January 2011

Glenn Grothman surprise: Right on Payday lenders.

This surprises me because helping poor people who are down on their luck is not usually a conservative priority. Maybe the Payday lending lobby didn't shell out as much in campaign contributions as WMC?

No matter what the reason for Glenn's support, go boy go.

Editorial: Payday loan bill is defining issue for GOP as well

We're hopeful the strong statements of Republican Sens. Glenn Grothman and Jim Ott in favor of strong regulations will result in effective and encompassing regulations because payday lending figures to be a defining issue for the new leaders in state government. Few issues offer such a stark example of predatory tactics, potential for abuse and financial ruin as payday loans propped up by an industry that benefits the most when people can't pay. Many Republicans, including Gov. Scott Walker, say the legislation goes too far.

Glenn Grothman: Still wrong on 4 year old Kindergarten -- Again.

A couple of stories this week regarding Glenn's Don Quixote imitation going after 4 year old Kindergarten.

Why is it that conservative bias is always worse than liberal bias? Oh yeah, because it reduces human beings to economic equations.

Let's see, here's one:

The Badger Herald: State senator pushes to end 4K education expansion
Beth Graue, professor of curriculum and instruction at the University Wisconsin School of Education, said investment in 4K has researched and proven benefits.

“Most scholars would say the investment in 4K is one that will provide positive outcomes in the long term,” Graue said. “I recognize the state is in a huge economic crisis, but the evidence [Grothman] brings forward does not match scholarly evidence.”

And here's another:

Waupun schools moving forward on 4-year-old kindergarten
The director of curriculum said several school districts have tuned into the discussion in Madison initiated by state Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, who is calling for support to abolish state funding of 4-year-old kindergarten.

"(Grothman) is citing one study which claims that 4K doesn't have an impact on student learning," Wulff said. "That's only one study. We have 41 percent poverty in our primary building. By offering 4K, we're giving all kids a fair chance."

By Glenn's usual logic, the fact that they have such high poverty proves they're all lazy and don't deserve help from their own government. Although for Glenn, if I understand him correctly now over the years, no one deserves to have a government that actually helps people. Government's job is to wash the floor for its corporate owners.

23 January 2011

Glenn Grothman: Still wrong on 4 year old Kindergarten

So, at this point in Glenn's long term effort to stamp out a demonstrably useful and proven program, we're pretty safe in assuming that either he's now lying in order to maintain ideological purity or he's incorrigibly ignorant of the facts.

You make the call.

PolitiFact Wisconsin | Wisconsin state Sen. Glenn Grothman says recent research shows that the benefits of 4-year-old kindergarten don’t last
The debate over 4-K is about more than whether kids benefit in their later schooling. It’s about money, politics, social agendas and more. For support of his position, Grothman said recent reports "confirm" that academic benefits are soon lost. Some studies reached that conclusion. But Grothman is citing one small portion of a much broader debate and declaring the whole matter settled when there is considerable evidence on the other side.

We rate Grothman’s statement False.

20 January 2011

Glenn Grothman: wrong on MLK day.

Is it a shock that Glenn really is a racist after all? Not anymore.

Democurmudgeon: Racist Sen. Glenn Grothman, Defers Working on MLK Holiday to Employee Day off of their Choice.

WSJ: Staffers worked in the office of state Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, who says giving public employees the day off "is an insult to all the other taxpayers around the state" who may want to get in touch with government offices.
Grothman told Wisconsin Radio Network it's not racist to keep his office open on a holiday dedicated to the slain civil rights leader. "Let's be honest, giving government employees off has nothing to do with honoring Martin Luther King Day and it's just about giving state employees another day off." Grothman told the State Journal that he doubts state workers would be "checking out DVDs or reading books" about King and would probably just be out shopping or watching television instead. "I'd be shocked if you can find anybody doing service," he added.
When asked if he had any plans to honor King on Monday, Grothman answered that he's "got kind of a busy schedule."

I imagine that Glenn's staff all sit around and read copies of the Constitution when they get the July 4th Holiday off from work too.