23 January 2011

Glenn Grothman: Still wrong on 4 year old Kindergarten

So, at this point in Glenn's long term effort to stamp out a demonstrably useful and proven program, we're pretty safe in assuming that either he's now lying in order to maintain ideological purity or he's incorrigibly ignorant of the facts.

You make the call.

PolitiFact Wisconsin | Wisconsin state Sen. Glenn Grothman says recent research shows that the benefits of 4-year-old kindergarten don’t last
The debate over 4-K is about more than whether kids benefit in their later schooling. It’s about money, politics, social agendas and more. For support of his position, Grothman said recent reports "confirm" that academic benefits are soon lost. Some studies reached that conclusion. But Grothman is citing one small portion of a much broader debate and declaring the whole matter settled when there is considerable evidence on the other side.

We rate Grothman’s statement False.

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