20 May 2009

06 May 2009

Glenn Grothman: against punitive damages for those suffering discrimination.

Hi everyone,

I like the faux interview style Glenn uses in his own press releases... also I like the idea that Glenn is his own media. Can't say why, just do.

Here's the latest. Grothman Rips Democratic Senate Vote Passing “Don’t Hire Anyone In Wisconsin Bill”

Sorry, but I don't just don't have enough sarcasm to do this justice.


03 May 2009

Glenn Grothman: a possible candidate for Lt. Governor? Hurray.

Hi everyone,

Here's an interesting thought:

Republicans talk about core values : La Crosse Tribune

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker was the overwhelming favorite for governor in 2010, according to a straw poll of delegates to the State Republican Convention.


Superior Mayor Dave Ross got 147 votes for lieutenant governor, compared with Sen. Glenn Grothman of West Bend, who got 109 votes. Grothman has been touted as a possible candidate, although he hasn’t said whether he would run. [my italics]
It would be good news for this cata(b)logue of the Senator's ideological Adventures in Wonderland... but it would also be good for a subtler reason.

I've always believed that if people actually knew about the things Senator Grothman said, embarrassment or the ballot box would eventually force him to stop saying them. I could be completely wrong, of course -- it's just a hypothesis.

As usual, my favorite local blog, Illusory Tenant has made some worthwhile observations.