26 May 2010

If our kids do yoga, then the terrorists win.

From Mary Weigand's blog. Her husband Dave ran as a fiscal creationist and now sits on the district school board. Together they've been busily trying to erase evolution and hate speech against LGBT kids from the schools.

I think they need to try harder. Somehow, along with evolution and a safer/happier school environment for LGBT kids, yoga has snuck in like a venomous horned demon on little cat feet.

Or something. Over to Ms. Weigand:

What's New in West Bend Schools: YOGA IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL

I just wonder why a public school would incorporate Yoga
into an activity held at school. Yoga is deeply rooted in
Hinduism-isn't that a religion? Who authorized this?
What does this have to do with public education?
What were the parents told about the Yoga (and drumming?)?
This was many of the girls' FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE!
The schools have engaged in proselytizing, using our kids as
the prize.

Yoga is a gateway exercise to even healthier options. Stop it now!

Shout out to Dan Backhaus for spotting this.


25 May 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong about native american mascots.

Shockingly, it turns out that native Americans find racial stereotyping of their culture in team names to be derogatory and painful. And now they don't have to put up with that anymore.

Gov. Jim Doyle signs school mascot bill | Indian Country Today | Great Lakes

But not so our own Glenn Grothman who, on behalf of his constituent felt he had to add:

Grothman stated that many of his Native American constituents supported mascots and shouldn’t be told what to do by a white liberal extremist or one malcontent.

"Many of this Native American constituents"??? He's high.

Native Americans constitute about .3% of our population.

So listen up white boy, I'm calling you out. Not only do I not believe you have ever knowingly spoken to one of your native American constituents, but I'd be astonished to discover that they think you have a handle on this whole mascot thing. Name two and I'll buy you lunch at Janulis.


23 May 2010

Glenn Grothman: opposed to Pasteurization?

WisPolitics.com: Sen. Grothman: Oh no! Say it’s not true – Doyle vetoes raw milk bill

"My heart goes out to the hundreds of people who have been advised by doctors, chiropractors, and nutritionists to drink raw milk for their problems who now will have to suffer,” said Grothman.

Although I can't disagree with Glenn in principle, in practice it's more important to protect the integrity of the industry. All this conservative idealism about the market place protecting us from dying. It's so Romantic.

But can anyone point me to a single physician in the state of Wisconsin who has advised patients to drink raw milk "for their problems"? If you can, I'll write a column on this plus I'll buy you a milkshake.



06 May 2010

Glenn Grothman: Psychopompos no. Psychopompous, yes.

Glenn is having quite a week embarrassing Washington County.

From the Shephard Express.

Jerk of the Week: State Sen. Glenn Grothman

Shameless. With reasoning straight out of the Dark Ages, West Bend Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman attacked the new and very necessary mental health parity law, which requires group health insurance policies to cover mental illnesses and addiction treatment at the same level as other illnesses. Grothman sent out a press release with the absurd claims that psychology is a “very subjective field,” mental illness is “more of a cultural phenomenon than a medical phenomenon” and that a “down-to-earth state like Idaho” has fewer mental health professionals than “a very left-wing state like Vermont.” Here’s the reality: Mental illnesses are biologically based. Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and a host of other mental illnesses are not the result of moral failing, political views or lack of willpower. Instead of defending immoral, profit-driven insurance companies, Grothman should help people get treatment, live full lives and make positive contributions to their families and communities.

Glenn Grothman: rolling back civil rights.

From OneWisconsinNow:

The Right is White
WI Republicans propose constitutional amendment to ban affirmative actionLyndon Johnson, issuer of Executive Order #11246, had this to say in 1965:

You do not take a person who, for years, has been hobbled by chains and liberate him, bring him up to the starting line of a race and then say, ‘you are free to compete with all the others,’ and still justly believe that you have been completely fair.

Thirty-five years later, Wisconsin Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) and Rep. Gary Tachen (R) announced they were introducing a constitutional amendment to ban affirmative action in Wisconsin. They were incited to protect white advantages because Assembly Democrats “tried to resurrect the Minority Business Grants and Loans Program on a straight party-line vote.” Grothman said the Democratic-backed bills “tear at the very fabric of our culture.” [Sen. Glenn Grothman]

03 May 2010

Glenn Grothman: attacks the bill he may need most.

Cognitive Dissidence picks up (and dissects) Glenn's opposition to the mental health bill.