26 May 2010

If our kids do yoga, then the terrorists win.

From Mary Weigand's blog. Her husband Dave ran as a fiscal creationist and now sits on the district school board. Together they've been busily trying to erase evolution and hate speech against LGBT kids from the schools.

I think they need to try harder. Somehow, along with evolution and a safer/happier school environment for LGBT kids, yoga has snuck in like a venomous horned demon on little cat feet.

Or something. Over to Ms. Weigand:

What's New in West Bend Schools: YOGA IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL

I just wonder why a public school would incorporate Yoga
into an activity held at school. Yoga is deeply rooted in
Hinduism-isn't that a religion? Who authorized this?
What does this have to do with public education?
What were the parents told about the Yoga (and drumming?)?
This was many of the girls' FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE!
The schools have engaged in proselytizing, using our kids as
the prize.

Yoga is a gateway exercise to even healthier options. Stop it now!

Shout out to Dan Backhaus for spotting this.


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