26 March 2011

Glenn Grothman: providing more work for maintenance staff.

Tsk. ;^)

On the Capitol: Signs of the times

In an email, lawmakers were reminded that a state Department of Administration manual says, "No signs, displays, banners or similar items shall be visible through exterior windows of the State Capitol Building."

Democrats suspected they were being targeted — probably because about 99 percent of the signs are hanging in their windows. But DOA spokeswoman Carla Vigue said one of the offending signs actually belongs to a Republican.

That's right: the "Vote Reagan for President" sign visible in the window of Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, inspired some to write inappropriate messages on his window using soap or soap pens — hardly permanent damage, but a pain for those cleaning the windows, Vigue said.

25 March 2011

Glenn Grothman: wrong for giving tax credits for private schools.

Wow. Let's see: claim the state is broke. Claim the state cannot provide full funding for public education. Give tax breaks to wealthy. Continue to guarantee your home district is hit hardest by government cuts. Provide tax credits for private schools. Check.

The Badger Herald: Bill offers tax credits to private school families

“With the government already subsidizing private education by up to $6,500 per year for Milwaukee residents, the proposal would offer assistance, albeit a lesser amount, for outstate parents who want an alternative to the public school for their children,” Grothman said.

Grothman said the proposal would save money because every time a person goes to a private school instead of a public school it saves the state around $10,000 a person.

He also said the bill would allow parents upset with their current school system another option.

“Whether their concerns are Wisconsin’s declining test scores, a radical new sex education program pushed through the Legislature last year or public school teachers proselytizing a liberal political agenda in their schools, it is unfair not to provide a little assistance to independent-minded parents,” Grothman said.

Apparently the Republicans believe it's okay to use taxpayer dollars to subsidize private, religious education.... although not public education.

Does Glenn think most of his constituents are rich enough to send their kids to private schools? And that the rest of us should pay for them?

Yes, on all counts.


17 March 2011

Glenn Grothman: sticks it to his own constituents.West Bend would shoulder one of the biggest state cuts

Way to go Glenn. Way to represent the interests of the folks back home.

Who are you working for again? From here it looks like it's your new friends in Washington DC.

West Bend would shoulder one of the biggest state cuts - JSOnline

West Bend - The largest cut in state shared revenue payments to municipalities in Ozaukee and Washington counties, and the 16th largest statewide, under Gov. Scott Walker's proposed 2011-13 budget will be borne by West Bend.

The city will receive $535,421 less in shared revenue payments in 2012 than it did this year, under the proposed state budget. Shared revenue payments generally are used to help communities reduce property tax levies.

Savings that will come from city employees contributing more to pensions amount to $498,000 in 2012, or $37,421 less than the shared revenue cut, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

But the city will not reap the full amount of those savings in its general fund budget financed by property taxes, City Administrator Dennis Melvin said. Some of the employees work for the city's water and sewer utilities so any savings will impact customer rates paying for those separate utility budgets, not the property tax rate.

A few weeks ago, Melvin thought shared revenue cuts might be manageable when state officials were discussing reductions in the range of 8.8% to 15%, he said.

The 40.7% cut handed to West Bend surprised him and he is preparing a memo for the City Council and city department heads informing them that cuts in all state aid categories "have become much less manageable," he said. "This will be much more challenging to us."

Glenn Grothman: wrong for baiting protesters.

Looks like Glenn has been busily trying to bait the protesters in Madison -- when he isn't being feted by lavish GOP $1000 a plate feasts.

The rest of the Grothman story - First Draft The video is great.

Oh, and there's this one too.

Grothman gets more than he can handle

Crazy loves crazy.

Glenn Grothman's $1000 a plate dinner interrupted

Looks like Glenn's sitting at the Big Table now. Too bad they got interrupted.

Teamster Nation: Protesters seize DC bldg during WI GOP fundraiser
Participating in the $1,000-a-head gala-that-we-hope-wasn't-much-fun were Wisconsin Senate President Scott Fitzgerald; his brother, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, and two senators eligible for recall, Alberta Darling and Glenn Grothmann.

Here's the story from the Journal Sentinel
State Republicans are holding the fundraiser at the offices of the lobbying firm BGR Group in D.C. It cost $1,000 to attend the event, which starts at 5:30 p.m.

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson's one-time top aide, Bob Wood, is president of government affairs for BGR, the firm co-founded by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour. he is no longer with the firm. Public Campaign noted that BGR has worked for such Wisconsin companies as WE Engergies.

Those featured at the Wisconsin fundraiser will be: Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau; Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald of Horicon; Rep. Scott Suder of Abbotsford; Sen. Glenn Grothman of West Bend; and Joint Finance Committee co-chairmen, Sen. Alberta Darling of River Hills and Rep. Robin Vos of Burlington.

16 March 2011

Glenn Grothman | Recall Glenn Grothman

Here's a good start.

Recall Glenn Grothman has it's own website.

Forward is better than backwards.

GOP Senators Are Selling You Out | Progressives United

GOP Senators Are Selling You Out | Progressives United

Today, Wednesday March 16th, Republican state senators from Wisconsin are in Washington, D.C. attending a big fundraiser at the headquarters of a corporate lobbying firm.

That's less than one week after Republicans rammed through an anti-worker bill that polls showed was heavily opposed by Wisconsinites -- but was heavily favored by corporate lobbyists.

If your senator is Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau, Glenn Grothman of West Bend, or Alberta Darling of River Hills, your senator is at the fundraiser. But no matter where you are in Wisconsin, your interests just got sold out to big corporate interests.

If that doesn't sound like a good deal to you, join Progressives United. We're committed to reducing corporate influence in politics.

13 March 2011

Blaska's Blog looks for signs of courage in the battle for Wisconsin - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Blaska's Blog looks for signs of courage in the battle for Wisconsin - Isthmus | The Daily Page

It took the courage of 19 state senators who did not flee, even when cornered by an angry mob, as was Sen. Glenn Grothman. It took the courage of Assembly members, especially Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, who endured death threats.

Death threats always bad, but I'm trying to parse the ideas "Wisconsin state senator" and "angry mob". Take a moment to imagine making Wisconsinites angry. Seriously.

When they do get mad, there are usually good reasons... some of which do not involve Brett Favre.

First, when your livelihood is threatened unjustly, anger is justified. When the quality of life in your state is threatened, anger is justified. When you discover that the governor you elected feels the need to lie about the platform he campaigned on, calls out the national guard in case there's any 'trouble,' and adds that Jesus tells him what to do anger is justified.

And when someone calls you a slob, repeatedly and vindictively, anger is also justified.

The classical definition of courage is quite fascinating (check Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics 3.6). It's the mean between cowardice and recklessness... but it contains the idea of "knowing when to be afraid." If you're not afraid, it doesn't really count as courageous.

By any such measure, it's difficult to imagine Glenn Grothman as courageous -- or the 19 lapdogs who dutifully barked, possibly in violation of the law, to start the process of dismantling state services. Reckless, yes. Courage? The courage of a pack of entitled poodles who've been promised a bone.

08 March 2011

Glenn Grothman Recall process now underway.

Suggestion for the next state senator from West Bend: promise never to call constituents who disagree with you slobs... and in our case, that's about a third of the population. It's bad form -- and even worse manners.

Glenn Grothman Recall
We have started to take names to force Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman to face the voters in a recall election.

Come Join Us.

Glenn Grothman Recall Locations

We will have three locations in West Bend on both Saturday, 3/12 and Sunday, 3/13 to jump start our recall effort.

The following locations will be open and staffed from 9-11 am and 2-4 pm on Saturday and 10am-12 p.m. and 2-4 pm on Sunday.

Keberle and Patrykus
2100 Gateway Court (near HY 45 & Paradise Dr.)

Bob and Barbara Deters
1402 W. Decorah Rd. (between 18th and Silverbrook)

Candlelight Collective
258 N. Main St. Lower Level
(Downtown and downstairs from Jeanne's Collectables)

Come sign recall petitions, pick up petitions and instructions so you can collect signatures and/or make phone calls to supporters on your cell phone (except at the Collective).

For further info or to volunteer to help out contact:

Waring Fincke (262) 629-1567 wrfincke@charter.net

Glenn Grothman: The Agitator. A nice bio.

I was a moderate everywhere else in the universe, until I moved into Glenn's district where Glenn's described me as an atheistic baby killer.

Whoops, I mean a communistic atheistic baby killer. :^)

But the Isthmus does a nice job on our local plutocrat and demagogue. 

Glenn Grothman: The Agitator - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Including some choice examples of Glenn's commitment to thoughtfulness.

The wit and wisdom of Glenn Grothman
On the good old days: "Homosexuality was not on anybody's radar. And that's a good thing." (As quoted in The Capital Times, Feb. 11, 2010)
On government waste: "I've interviewed over a dozen people who check out people who pay with food stamps and all felt people on food stamps ate better — or at least more costly — than they did." (Grothman opinion column, April 14, 2004)
On holidays: "Hallmark sells Kwanzaa cards. The Post Office sells Kwanzaa stamps. The rest of us should treat Kwanzaa with the contempt it deserves before it becomes a permanent part of our culture." (Opinion column, Dec. 9, 2003)
On the threat to America: "In this country, can we continue to exist if we have a government that is actively discouraging businesses from hiring men? Our country is not going to survive if we continue this war on men." (Tea Party speech, Aug. 7, 2010)
On the UW-Madison: "There are all sorts of people who are conservatives who want to be history professors or journalism professors and they're scared to death they won't get tenure because people on the other end of State Street don't want to hear the truth." (Remarks at "Rally for Marriage" rally, July 28, 2010)
On the UW's diversity mandates: "Does the university hate white men?" (Press release, March 5, 2009)
On stem-cell research: "Some people enjoy creating babies to experiment on, but I don't." (As quoted in Isthmus, Jan. 21, 2011)

Glenn Grothman callsfor more partying.

Glenn's being mentioned in dispatches all over these days.

Annual rally is fueled by Walker | Students for a Democratic Society

If protesters gathering across Wisconsin are simply “college students having a fun party,” as Republican State Sen. Glenn Grothman suggested on MSNBC’s “Last Word” on Tuesday, then UW-Milwaukee certainly threw a party Wednesday afternoon.

02 March 2011

Grothman says confrontation with protesters didn't scare him

Grothman says confrontation with protesters didn't scare him: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

It did scare them, of course.

Glenn Grothman calls firemen and kindergarten teachers 'slobs'

The Last Word - Wisconsin St. Senator calls protesters 'slobs'

Sen. Grothman said they are trying to shut people out because the place is "becoming a pigsty." He also called protesters staying overnight in the Wisconsin Capitol "slobs." When pressed to clarify he remarks, he insisted all those people were just a bunch of "college students having a fun party."

It also finally occurred to me that maybe Glenn is simply jealous because he never had any fun while he was in college... or afterwards.