17 March 2011

Glenn Grothman: wrong for baiting protesters.

Looks like Glenn has been busily trying to bait the protesters in Madison -- when he isn't being feted by lavish GOP $1000 a plate feasts.

The rest of the Grothman story - First Draft The video is great.

Oh, and there's this one too.

Grothman gets more than he can handle

Crazy loves crazy.


Democurmudgeon said...

Just a note, I'm having a problem commenting at Motley Cow. It could be a problem on my end, but just thought I would check.

Amazing school lunch comment from Crooks and Liars, that completely ignores the horrific issues of poverty.

Teacher in Cheeseland said...

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, it appears Grothman couldn't let the situation pass without throwing another insult at his dissenters (in this case, an obviously challenged one): "It was just a hug," he said afterward. "It was just a socially inappropriate Lefty."

What a jerk.


Duck said...

Grothman claims to have a huge problem with protesters harrassing him. However, he has no issue harrassing women outside a health clinic in Milwaukee. He visited there a few days ago, and more than once a year ago. Patient escorts have him on video being there. The owner of the video can even recall patient reactions to being told that the senator was one of the people chasing them into the clinic.


Mpeterson said...

Here's Glenn interfering with people on the street walking by a clinic.


Yeah, I guess if they're women, especially women who may have been raped, he doesn't mind harassing them.