28 November 2006

Glenn Grothman: cutting off his constituents.

Hi folks,

Sorry I've been busy. I've been reading John Dean's new book Conservatives without Conscience, and it's confirmed a lot of things I had already started to believe. For instance, the reason why I've never been able to understand the reckless non-conservative character of today's neo-cons is that I've been trying to understand them politically instead of psychiatrically. Now, finally, even Senator Grothman makes sense to me.

Anyway, there's more Butler's Garter snake stuff inbound, since the committe is going to have to bust a hump to cause whatever damage they can before they lose the majority in January -- but here's something I noticed, just in passing.

Glenn is one of a handful of Senators who do not have an email address.

He must be too busy.

Here's the listing from the Email directory for the Wisconsin State Legislature.

District Number 13

Senator Scott Fitzgerald
(608) 266-5660 Capitol 317 East

Judi Rhodes-Engels judi.rhodes-engels@legis.wisconsin.gov
Tad Ottman Tad.Ottman@legis.wisconsin.gov
Mike Prentiss Mike.Prentiss@legis.wisconsin.gov
Cindy Block Cindy.Block@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 20

Senator Glenn Grothman

(608) 266-7513 Capitol 20 South

Amy Gehrke Amy.Gehrke@legis.wisconsin.gov
Jolene Churchill Jolene.Churchill@legis.wisconsin.gov
James Emerson James.Emerson@legis.wisconsin.gov
Regina Kolbow Regina.Kolbow@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 30

Senator Dave Hansen
(608) 266-5670 Capitol 319 South

Eric Genrich eric.genrich@legis.wisconsin.gov
Jay Wadd Jay.Wadd@legis.wisconsin.gov
John Wagnitz John.Wagnitz@legis.wisconsin.gov
Jessica Lundquist jessica.lundquist@legis.wisconsin.gov

You'll notice who's missing.

I note it in passing.


12 November 2006

Glenn Grothman: finally recongnized as caucus leader in a minority view.

Whew. Sorry to have been away. We scheduled Midterm exams during election week this year so I've been grading when I wasn't phone banking.

But here we have a little insight into the great waltz of America -- what goes up, comes down.

Senator Grothman is once again closer to the truth revealed in polls, by the voters, and in constitutional law: he is once again explicitly the representative of a minority political view.

Whether this will give his symptoms the chance to ease off from the crystal meth narcosis of all that services-cutting kool-aid, we'll have to see. Presumably the Butler's Garter Snake has a few years left now, before extinction and, therefore, so do we humans. Presumably Glenn's minority and authoritarian commitments to being pro-birth, but not pro-life, will also have to shuffle away from the firelight and back into the darkness for a while. I'm hopeful that he'll come around to the kind of conservatism that represents the best in American history -- like Barry Goldwater or John Dean, say, rather than Joe McCarthy or George W(rongway) Bush.

But more on that later in the week. Next up, Glenn Grothman: wrong on conservatism.