12 November 2006

Glenn Grothman: finally recongnized as caucus leader in a minority view.

Whew. Sorry to have been away. We scheduled Midterm exams during election week this year so I've been grading when I wasn't phone banking.

But here we have a little insight into the great waltz of America -- what goes up, comes down.

Senator Grothman is once again closer to the truth revealed in polls, by the voters, and in constitutional law: he is once again explicitly the representative of a minority political view.

Whether this will give his symptoms the chance to ease off from the crystal meth narcosis of all that services-cutting kool-aid, we'll have to see. Presumably the Butler's Garter Snake has a few years left now, before extinction and, therefore, so do we humans. Presumably Glenn's minority and authoritarian commitments to being pro-birth, but not pro-life, will also have to shuffle away from the firelight and back into the darkness for a while. I'm hopeful that he'll come around to the kind of conservatism that represents the best in American history -- like Barry Goldwater or John Dean, say, rather than Joe McCarthy or George W(rongway) Bush.

But more on that later in the week. Next up, Glenn Grothman: wrong on conservatism.


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