30 April 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong on mental illness

Glenn thinks mental illness is socially constructed? The universe is now officially ending.

What about economics then?


see Glenn Grothman takes on Wisconsin psychiatrists

and from Glenn:
“Most people feel that mental health is an area fraught with abuse. It may be very easy for psychiatrists, psychologists,
and social workers to justify spending additional hours with patients in this very subjective field. In many
respects, this may be more of a cultural phenomenon than a medical phenomenon,” said Grothman.

26 April 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong for lying to provoke conservatives.

As Uncle Jed used to say, "hooooooo doggie."

This is nothing but lying with no purpose but to rile up conservative fear -- a trick getting lots of mileage these days.

From Glenn's April 16th press release entitled:

Time to Educate the Public, Congress on Our Constitution
A Civilian National Security Force Not Needed Against Americans
“While I have signed on to resolutions dealing with the recent healthcare power grab, I have decided to bring the Legislature’s attention to President Obama’s bizarre campaign promise to establish ‘… a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well funded” as our military,” said Grothman. “The speech was given at the University of Colorado on July 2, 2008, and the context of the speech makes it clear this is not an expansion of AmeriCorps or similar other civilian make-work program. There is no way any American that is the least bit concerned about our nation’s future should not be horrified at what is going on in that man’s mind.”



From Factcheck.org
This false claim is a badly distorted version of Obama's call for doubling the Peace Corps, creating volunteer networks and increasing the size of the Foreign Service.
This question stems from an interview that Republican Rep. Broun of Georgia gave to The Associated Press Nov. 10. The story carried a headline, "Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship." It said that Broun "fears that President-elect Obama will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist or fascist dictatorship.

This makes me think of those cartoons where the editor asks readers to send in punchlines.



25 April 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong on race and gender preferences--and on Africa being a country.

All of this is already well established under federal law -- more smoke and political pot stirring from Glenn.

Wouldn't it be more useful to try to fix the funding scheme that has shortchanged West Bend schools for the past 20 years? Apparently saying No to federal court rulings he can't affect is more important.


Quoth Glenn:

"These bills tear at the very fabric of our culture. For a short-term electoral advantage, the Democrats will turn America into a country like Iraq, India, or Africa where elections are contests between ethnic groups. The pandering to radical women’s groups is even worse,” said Grothman. “Even women are getting mad that their husbands and sons are being discriminated against because of a few angry feminists.”

If aren't careful, next thing they'll want to be able to vote and.. shudder... drive cars.


18 April 2010

Glenn Grothman: increasingly "non-germane".

Senate passes education bill

Sen. Glenn Grothman's substitute amendment to the state superintendent bill has been ruled non-germane, and the Senate passed SB 437 by an 18-15 vote.

As usual.

11 April 2010

Glenn Grothman proposes cut in clean energy mandate « Blogging Blue

While I was grading Blogging Blue stepped up to keep an eye on Glenn. Grazie Senor Arndt!

Glenn Grothman proposes cut in clean energy mandate « Blogging Blue

Glenn Grothman proposes cut in clean energy mandate

State Senator Glenn Grothman, always entertaining, proposes an amendment to the Clean Energy Jobs Act cutting the required percentage of renewable energy use in Wisconsin by 2015, from 10% to 8%. Grothman claims, “the state currently has far more energy supply than energy demand” and the mandate for renewable energy will result in the unnecessary construction of renewable energy generation sources, driving up the cost of power for consumers.

Ignoring the need to end our dependence on foreign and environmentally harmful sources of energy, Grothman uses the recent “Climatgate” scandal to question the need for alternative energy at all;

“The idea of global warming has so thoroughly been questioned a lot of people feel it was a total waste to have the Clean Energy Committee to meet at all.”

“You have scientists who were found to have been manipulating worldwide temperature data to advance the global warming agenda.”

Unfortunately for Glenn an investigation has cleared the scientists of wrongdoing, and climate change is still a threat.

As a state and as a nation we need alternative sources of energy. I share Grothman’s concern that they be economically feasible sources but infrastructure investments of this scale often require government assistance to get off the ground. Setting the renewable energy bar lower is a step in the wrong direction for Wisconsin.


02 April 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong for wanting to help employers violate the right to free speech of their employees.

It's official: Freedom is Slavery.

From Blaska's Blog.

Free speech enemies

State Senator Glenn Grothman makes a point that visitors to Stately Blaska Manor know all too well: Our liberal/progressive friends love free speech as long as they agree with it.

Sen. Grothman brings my attention to Senate Bill 523, introduced by leftists Sen. Spencer Coggs of Milwaukee and Madison’s own Mark Pocan. Sen.Grothman says:

“It appears on its face that not only (university) chancellors and deans but department heads, members of committees that determine tenure or other employees would be barred from being critical of a union. This bill would go far beyond the National Labor Relations Act by using the word ‘discourage’ instead of ‘coerce’ or ‘intimidate.’”

Glenn says “Hatred for the free exchange of ideas has always been a priority of the hard Left. Be it the McCain-Feingold prohibitions against political free speech, Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore’s vote for the “Fairness Doctrine” to shut down talk radio, or the “hate speech” codes which proliferated at American universities in the 1980s and 1990s, the Left is always afraid of people hearing both sides of the story.”

Uh, right.

Here's the actual bill:

Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau

Under current law, state employees covered under the State Employment Labor Relations Act and the faculty and academic staff of the University of Wisconsin System have similar collective bargaining rights. Current law also specifies unfair labor practices for these employers, including interfering with employees in the exercise of their rights to bargain collectively, creating or interfering with any labor organization, refusing to bargain collectively, and encouraging or discouraging membership in a labor organization by employment discrimination. This bill makes it an unfair labor practice for these employers to use any moneys received to discourage employees from exercising their rights to bargain collectively.
Because protecting the rights of employees by definition violates the rights of employers -- the group Glenn has been programmed to protect.

Glenn Grothman: collecting his per diem.

From Political Capital:

"West Bend Republican state senator Glenn Grothman is the perfect poster boy for a part-time legislature.

Although not much of anything happening this week under the marble big top, Glenn was making his usual per-diem rounds in the state Capitol, with a yellow legal pad, in a concerted effort to stamp out the Democratic leadership agenda."

Although, if you ask me, typing it this way is a nice example of the fallacy of accent. Now, for bonus points, can anyone identify the implicit fallacy committed by Glenn when he flashes a yellow legal pad?

Glenn Grothman: wrong for calling inner city voters lazy and uninformed.

Oh dear.

Democurmudgeon: Wisconsin Republicans Shocking Unabashed Racism Opposing Election Reform Goes Unchallenged. Still Believe "That's not what we mean" excuse?

and this from Sly

We speak to West Bend Representative Glenn Grothman regarding his comments about proposed election laws that make it easier to register to vote. Grothman said the Democrats are helping "lazy and uninformed voters" with this bill. Milwaukee talk radio host Mark Belling went further by saying that Democrats are the only ones who cheat and that this bill will "help black people cheat". Funny how the only voters that get challenged and intimidated at the polls are in low-income, prominently African-American wards. Bellings comments aren't only racist, they are dead wrong.

Nice to know that Belling isn't just devoting his time to making friends with the Hispanic community.