25 April 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong on race and gender preferences--and on Africa being a country.

All of this is already well established under federal law -- more smoke and political pot stirring from Glenn.

Wouldn't it be more useful to try to fix the funding scheme that has shortchanged West Bend schools for the past 20 years? Apparently saying No to federal court rulings he can't affect is more important.


Quoth Glenn:

"These bills tear at the very fabric of our culture. For a short-term electoral advantage, the Democrats will turn America into a country like Iraq, India, or Africa where elections are contests between ethnic groups. The pandering to radical women’s groups is even worse,” said Grothman. “Even women are getting mad that their husbands and sons are being discriminated against because of a few angry feminists.”

If aren't careful, next thing they'll want to be able to vote and.. shudder... drive cars.


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Robert said...

Makes you wonder how many times a day he utters the word "uppity."