02 April 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong for calling inner city voters lazy and uninformed.

Oh dear.

Democurmudgeon: Wisconsin Republicans Shocking Unabashed Racism Opposing Election Reform Goes Unchallenged. Still Believe "That's not what we mean" excuse?

and this from Sly

We speak to West Bend Representative Glenn Grothman regarding his comments about proposed election laws that make it easier to register to vote. Grothman said the Democrats are helping "lazy and uninformed voters" with this bill. Milwaukee talk radio host Mark Belling went further by saying that Democrats are the only ones who cheat and that this bill will "help black people cheat". Funny how the only voters that get challenged and intimidated at the polls are in low-income, prominently African-American wards. Bellings comments aren't only racist, they are dead wrong.

Nice to know that Belling isn't just devoting his time to making friends with the Hispanic community.

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