27 January 2012

Glenn Grothman: Wrong about what country he lives in.

Oh Glenn, the country you and your fellow travelers are worried about losing existed for only 20 minutes, in 1952, on television.

Grothman: "If we let Scott Walker go down our country is going down" - JSOnline

24 January 2012

Glenn Grothman: throws children victims of lead poisoning under the bus. Part Deux.

A bill fast tracked through the Republican controlled legislature when things started to look bad in the courts. Hm. With anonymous memos from somewhere containing material the origins of which our Glenn couldn't identify -- even though he introduced the bill? Uh huh.

And then he inserts his own scientific expertise into the mix by wondering whether lead in paint has any effect on the children exposed to it.


Crime and Courts: Further fast-tracked 'tort reform' would work retroactively

Grothman didn't restrict his comments to the bill. He questioned the notion, which has been well-documented over decades, that paint in the home can cause lead poisoning.

"Quite frankly, it's scandalous that lawyers are leading people to believe that the lead paint in these houses is responsible for the increases in the (lead) levels in their blood," he said.

16 January 2012

Glenn Grothman: throws children victims of lead poisoning under the bus.

So, Glenn's working for WMC? Anyway, he's clearly not working for the 173 kids he's about the throw under the bus.

From Xoff over at Uppity Wisconsin.

Lead poisoning victims are targets of latest Republican outrage | Uppity Wisconsin

Just when you think the Fitzwalkerstan Gang has done about all of the damage it can to the people of Wisconsin, you discover there is still new ground to be broken.
The latest targets: Children who are victims of lead poisoning, and their families.
A new bill introduced last week by State Sens. Glenn Grothman and Scott Fitzgerald, SB-373,would change state law retroactively to eliminate the claims of 173 children who are lead poisoning viictims. No matter than some of those cases have been pending since 2006. They'll all be thrown out if this bill becomes law.
The bill will be fast-tracked to try for quick passage, before the recalls, when the Senate and governorship may change hands.

09 January 2012

Glenn Grothman: making liberals look good, nationally.


CNN and MSNBC weren't enough. More plugs from the Huff Post.

Love Him Or Hate Him: Scott Walker Inspires Deep Disagreement, Even In How People Assess His Character

Glenn Grothman is a true believer in conservative causes, but never more ardently than when it comes to the state's most controversial political figure: Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

"Scott Walker is a rare politician who doesn't try to make everybody happy with other people's money," says Grothman, a Republican state senator from West Bend. "He's the best governor of my lifetime. He's the least 'politician-y.' He's able to say no to people."

Sen. Grothman is right. Walker's been able to say 'no' to nearly everyone left in Wisconsin's middle class.


05 January 2012

Report: Questions raised about 3 new State Investment Board appointees - WTAQ News Talk 97.5FM and 1360AM

It's all just business. How could that be a problem?

Report: Questions raised about 3 new State Investment Board appointees [WTAQ News Talk 97.5FM and 1360AM]

The chairman of the panel, West Bend Republican Glenn Grothman, said he was not aware of any present issues involving Petersen – and he planned to look into the matter before Wednesday’s hearing.

Petersen told the Journal Sentinel in 2001 he didn’t believe there was a problem with him owning the same stocks as those of the Investment Board, which manages $83 billion in retirement funds for state workers and most local government and school employees.