16 January 2012

Glenn Grothman: throws children victims of lead poisoning under the bus.

So, Glenn's working for WMC? Anyway, he's clearly not working for the 173 kids he's about the throw under the bus.

From Xoff over at Uppity Wisconsin.

Lead poisoning victims are targets of latest Republican outrage | Uppity Wisconsin

Just when you think the Fitzwalkerstan Gang has done about all of the damage it can to the people of Wisconsin, you discover there is still new ground to be broken.
The latest targets: Children who are victims of lead poisoning, and their families.
A new bill introduced last week by State Sens. Glenn Grothman and Scott Fitzgerald, SB-373,would change state law retroactively to eliminate the claims of 173 children who are lead poisoning viictims. No matter than some of those cases have been pending since 2006. They'll all be thrown out if this bill becomes law.
The bill will be fast-tracked to try for quick passage, before the recalls, when the Senate and governorship may change hands.

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