09 January 2012

Glenn Grothman: making liberals look good, nationally.


CNN and MSNBC weren't enough. More plugs from the Huff Post.

Love Him Or Hate Him: Scott Walker Inspires Deep Disagreement, Even In How People Assess His Character

Glenn Grothman is a true believer in conservative causes, but never more ardently than when it comes to the state's most controversial political figure: Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

"Scott Walker is a rare politician who doesn't try to make everybody happy with other people's money," says Grothman, a Republican state senator from West Bend. "He's the best governor of my lifetime. He's the least 'politician-y.' He's able to say no to people."

Sen. Grothman is right. Walker's been able to say 'no' to nearly everyone left in Wisconsin's middle class.


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