22 October 2009

Glenn Grothman: right for supporting the West Bend School board.

Glenn Grothman has spoken publicly in support of the West Bend school board, noting the board's fiscal good sense during a difficult budget year.

As surprising as this was to me, I cannot imagine the shock it must have caused his audience at the Common Sense Citizens of Washington County meeting earlier this week. I can barely imagine their disappointment at hearing the embodiment of arch conservatism (with the possible exception of Leah Vukmir, of course) complimenting the school board for doing a good job when most of those present have opposed the school board at every possible turn. Glenn suggested that the budget mess was Madison's fault, not the local school board's. He also stood up, a bit, for the teacher's union and it's representation of the underpaid teachers working in West Bend.

I suspect some of the disappointment is visible in the fact that Owen Robinson, who was present at the meeting, hasn't said a word about Glenn's comments over at Boots And Sabers.

Apparently Glenn's comments weren't Booty or Saber-y enough and simply don't track with the Bleed the School District paradigm they've adopted.


08 October 2009

Glenn Grothman: when 'conservatives' support single payer health care.

Hi everyone,

Glenn mangling his math and his understanding of the term "diversity."

From The Badger Herald: News: Princeton Review names UW Law school 8th most liberal

Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, who is a UW Law School graduate himself and serves on the Senate Committee on Education, was disappointed to hear the news of the ranking.

“I am very disappointed that the UW Law School has done such an abysmal job of promoting diversity among their students,” Grothman said.

He added he thinks it is “shameful” that the university is so unrepresentative of the state, which he said contains more conservatives than liberals.

“In a university that prides itself on diversity it would be nice if the political views of faculty and students represented the state’s constituents,” Grothman said.

Seems to me if the state contained more conservatives than liberals Obama wouldn't have carried it by such a tidy margin... unless by "conservative" Glenn means people who endorse single-payer health care and liberal Democratic candidates.

02 October 2009

Glenn Grothman: still opposed to term limits.

Not everyone can work for the government, it's true.

Local unions protest budget cuts in rally at state Capitol

“A lot of people don’t consider themselves to be working class, but economists have determined it to be well over 50 percent of the population,” Freymiller said.

Committee on Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs member Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, said he did not agree with the assertions of AFSCME.

“In the last budget, we raised the tax on the wealthy and statistics show Wisconsin is causing the wealthy to leave the state and people on welfare to come into the state,” Grothman said. “In the long-run, that is not a recipe for an enjoyable state to live in.”

Grothman also said “closing corporate loop-holes” is a new way to say tax businesses, and since Wisconsin was ranked 48th in the country for business climate in Forbes magazine, more business taxes would not make sense.

“Somebody should tell AFSCME not everyone can work for the government,” Grothman said.