22 January 2009

Glenn Grothman: wrong for betraying President Bush?

Hi everyone,

It's good to be able to have your cake and eat it too.

Local leaders share thoughts on what’s next for Obama

"George Bush was an economic failure because he encouraged private debt and spent too much publicly," he said. "For Obama to be a success, he’s got to use his popularity to explain to people the government cannot be all things to all people. And if he continues down the Bush path of excessive spending and new government regulation, he will make our economy worse.

"We desperately need politicians in this country who are willing to tell people more government spending is not the answer to our problems," he said

"Thoughts" is kind of stretching it,

Someone check my vision: is Glenn actually warning President Obama not to continue down the path of the man he ran against? Uh? -- especially that last line about personal responsibility which, as far as I could tell, was the whole point of the inaugural address.

It is good to see him distance himself from from the failed economics of the current crop of neoconservatives. Now if only he'd distance himself from their failed morality and embrace a more New Testament version instead well, Washington County could really go places.


19 January 2009

Glenn Grothman: wrong for using press releases instead of the telephone.

Hi everyone,

Glenn loves these press releases. Here's the latest:

Grothman Asks UW Researchers Hard Questions About Harvesting Body Parts from Aborted Babies

-- except, of course, he didn't.

The "press release" is another bait-and-switch. The scary headline is the bait.

Here's the switch: Glenn doesn't seem to have asked any "UW Researchers" anything at all. His "press release" merely says that the UW should distance itself from any involvement with second trimester abortions -- even though there are laws preventing public money from being spent on abortions (aren't there?).

But wait a sec, what was that about "organ harvesting" from aborted fetuses??? Glenn continues by citing a press release from The Alliance Defense Fund, one of those deep pocket Christian fundamentalist fronts, claiming that "UW researchers may be using body parts from these babies for research."

I'm sorry, "may"?

A lot of late term abortions are performed for medical rather than contraceptive reasons. When that happens it would be irresponsible not to examine tissue from the fetus to see what caused the trouble. A few slides of tissue to help understand the illness, and prevent abortions in the future, is not the same as 'harvesting organs.'

Unless, of course, you need the headline.

So, let's review: Glen's headline misleads about the content of the press release, then cites another press release that may or may not be true, that includes the claim his headline claims he's making.


What's particularly weird about this is that Glenn, back when he was in the Assembly, before the TABOR-hero makeover, was always terrifically good about phoning people to ask questions. He even used to call me.

It would be helpful to know if he'd actually spoken to someone at UW about this or if he'd bothered to ask an aid to check the exhaustive UW System ethics procedures that speak to these kinds of questions.

So, looks like any hope for post-partisan change from Senator Grothman is going to be a bridge to nowhere.


09 January 2009

Glenn Grothman: wrong on... well, here's the local blog roundup.

Hi everyone,

Glenn isn't popular only with me, apparently. Here are some posts from around SE Wisconsin this past week:

The Political Environment, always a thoughtful stop, starts us off:

Glenn Grothman Demogogues At City Of Milwaukee's Expense

Nothing better to do during the holiday season in West Bend?

Nope, he looks out for us holiday season or not.

Two from our friends over at Cognitive Dissonance:

And They're Off - In More Ways Than One

About Glenn not wanting us to get any Federal aid and:

Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Lining Up, Or Bring In The Clowns

which is self-explanatory.

From Grumps over at The Happy Circumstance:

He Doesn't Get It

No Grumps, he completely doesn't.

From Run to the Hills:

Aren’t Republicans FOR AIDS Relief?

And from Eye on Wisconsin, my favorite of the week:

Bad Cop, Worse Cop and Crazy Cop [Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald, and Grothman]

Tip of the hat folks!