09 January 2009

Glenn Grothman: wrong on... well, here's the local blog roundup.

Hi everyone,

Glenn isn't popular only with me, apparently. Here are some posts from around SE Wisconsin this past week:

The Political Environment, always a thoughtful stop, starts us off:

Glenn Grothman Demogogues At City Of Milwaukee's Expense

Nothing better to do during the holiday season in West Bend?

Nope, he looks out for us holiday season or not.

Two from our friends over at Cognitive Dissonance:

And They're Off - In More Ways Than One

About Glenn not wanting us to get any Federal aid and:

Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Lining Up, Or Bring In The Clowns

which is self-explanatory.

From Grumps over at The Happy Circumstance:

He Doesn't Get It

No Grumps, he completely doesn't.

From Run to the Hills:

Aren’t Republicans FOR AIDS Relief?

And from Eye on Wisconsin, my favorite of the week:

Bad Cop, Worse Cop and Crazy Cop [Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald, and Grothman]

Tip of the hat folks!


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