17 March 2011

Glenn Grothman: sticks it to his own constituents.West Bend would shoulder one of the biggest state cuts

Way to go Glenn. Way to represent the interests of the folks back home.

Who are you working for again? From here it looks like it's your new friends in Washington DC.

West Bend would shoulder one of the biggest state cuts - JSOnline

West Bend - The largest cut in state shared revenue payments to municipalities in Ozaukee and Washington counties, and the 16th largest statewide, under Gov. Scott Walker's proposed 2011-13 budget will be borne by West Bend.

The city will receive $535,421 less in shared revenue payments in 2012 than it did this year, under the proposed state budget. Shared revenue payments generally are used to help communities reduce property tax levies.

Savings that will come from city employees contributing more to pensions amount to $498,000 in 2012, or $37,421 less than the shared revenue cut, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

But the city will not reap the full amount of those savings in its general fund budget financed by property taxes, City Administrator Dennis Melvin said. Some of the employees work for the city's water and sewer utilities so any savings will impact customer rates paying for those separate utility budgets, not the property tax rate.

A few weeks ago, Melvin thought shared revenue cuts might be manageable when state officials were discussing reductions in the range of 8.8% to 15%, he said.

The 40.7% cut handed to West Bend surprised him and he is preparing a memo for the City Council and city department heads informing them that cuts in all state aid categories "have become much less manageable," he said. "This will be much more challenging to us."

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steve said...

Glen has a serious problem that I call "run it to the hub sindrum"
1. The sindrum blocks your minds ability to think ahead. Like how many students have just now changed their majors from teaching to somthing else, he thinks smart kids are going to crank up a big student loan bill to then get a crap job, COME ON who or what kind of teachers are we going to have in the future.
2. Look at the jobs lost in west bend alone west bend co., gehls co., amity leather co, and many more. west bend has turned into a bed room coummity counting on jobs from milwaukee. Glen thinks he has his finger on the pulse of the people he represents, we are in big trouble Glen is sick with the sindrum. The cure is a recall.
PS run it to the hub, means you run the wheels off the car so bad you just leave the car for some one else to fix and walk away with your finger sticking out, that is pretty much the problem we have now.