22 September 2008

Glenn Grothman: wrong on infanticide and atheism.

Hi everybody,

In the Sticks and Stones department:

This past weekend, Glenn felt compelled to call me names in a letter to the Daily News.

It is a kind of justice for him -- he's clearly been aching for the chance to try to hit me in public after the last few years of being exposed in this little blog.

Fair is fair.

Now that I'm writing a column he'll have the chance to write lots of letters calling me a baby-killer or a moral relativist or an intellectual elitist or -- oh, there was this one thing:

He'll have to stop suggesting that I'm an atheist.

It's not true and, more importantly, it hurt my mother's feelings.

Glenn probably doesn't know I studied for the ministry. Of course, I was raised ALC (now ELCA) Lutheran. Maybe, in Glenn's universe, being an ELCA Lutheran isn't much different from being an atheist. It's possible we don't pass his Christian purity test.

Anyway, here's the link to Owen Robinson's little ramble. He's a pretty good Glenn-avatar and, as you'll see, he never answers my questions either.


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