04 June 2010

Glenn Grothman: having it both ways on education.

Here's Glenn having it both ways. He blames lousy teaching for the problems in MPS rather than the structural deficit which has relentlessly whittled away the funding for schools.

State Sen. Glenn Grothman is a critic of MPS.

"When the Milwaukee Public Schools fail as many children as the Milwaukee Public Schools are failing now, that is a disaster for the entire state and they must improve," Grothman says.

Grothman says putting more money into the budget for certain positions, such as librarians, is not the answer to boosting low test scores in reading and math.

"Milwaukee is in the top 10 percent of spending schools in the state. Their total spending is about 17 or 18 percent higher than the state average. Clearly, money is not the problem with MPS," Grothman says.

The problem, according to Grothman, is that too much money is spent on teacher salaries, not student outcomes.

When you point to teacher quality and isolate the real problem in the state's structural funding deficit he can say districts can raise all the money they like if they hold referenda. If a district then decides to hold a referendum, he can claim that raising taxes isn't a cure and throw blame at the teachers.

This way he dodges the blame for a spending formula that is now, remorselessly, pushing poorer districts over a cliff. Part of Glenn's culture war against the poor?


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