06 May 2010

Glenn Grothman: Psychopompos no. Psychopompous, yes.

Glenn is having quite a week embarrassing Washington County.

From the Shephard Express.

Jerk of the Week: State Sen. Glenn Grothman

Shameless. With reasoning straight out of the Dark Ages, West Bend Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman attacked the new and very necessary mental health parity law, which requires group health insurance policies to cover mental illnesses and addiction treatment at the same level as other illnesses. Grothman sent out a press release with the absurd claims that psychology is a “very subjective field,” mental illness is “more of a cultural phenomenon than a medical phenomenon” and that a “down-to-earth state like Idaho” has fewer mental health professionals than “a very left-wing state like Vermont.” Here’s the reality: Mental illnesses are biologically based. Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and a host of other mental illnesses are not the result of moral failing, political views or lack of willpower. Instead of defending immoral, profit-driven insurance companies, Grothman should help people get treatment, live full lives and make positive contributions to their families and communities.


Anonymous said...

He may be a jerk of the week but atleast he tried to get the raw milk deal signed by Doyle which was vetoed today and now he is very upset. Hope it makes your day

Mpeterson said...

Actually one of Glenn's strengths is looking after his constituents and this was one of those cases... stranger yet, I was torn on this one.

Raw milk is a wonder and delicious... but the potential for pathogens is relatively high and one slip like that in the current markets and Wisconsin'd get clobbered in the press.