26 January 2011

Glenn Grothman: Still wrong on 4 year old Kindergarten -- Again.

A couple of stories this week regarding Glenn's Don Quixote imitation going after 4 year old Kindergarten.

Why is it that conservative bias is always worse than liberal bias? Oh yeah, because it reduces human beings to economic equations.

Let's see, here's one:

The Badger Herald: State senator pushes to end 4K education expansion
Beth Graue, professor of curriculum and instruction at the University Wisconsin School of Education, said investment in 4K has researched and proven benefits.

“Most scholars would say the investment in 4K is one that will provide positive outcomes in the long term,” Graue said. “I recognize the state is in a huge economic crisis, but the evidence [Grothman] brings forward does not match scholarly evidence.”

And here's another:

Waupun schools moving forward on 4-year-old kindergarten
The director of curriculum said several school districts have tuned into the discussion in Madison initiated by state Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, who is calling for support to abolish state funding of 4-year-old kindergarten.

"(Grothman) is citing one study which claims that 4K doesn't have an impact on student learning," Wulff said. "That's only one study. We have 41 percent poverty in our primary building. By offering 4K, we're giving all kids a fair chance."

By Glenn's usual logic, the fact that they have such high poverty proves they're all lazy and don't deserve help from their own government. Although for Glenn, if I understand him correctly now over the years, no one deserves to have a government that actually helps people. Government's job is to wash the floor for its corporate owners.

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Anonymous said...

I spoke with Glenn Grothman this past week about this very topic. I asked him to provide me with information directly related to 4K in Wisconsin. His aid had previously given me info from Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. His exact words "I don't have any 4K data relating directly to Wisconsin." Who is it he represents again? Oh yeah, citizens in WISCONSIN!!! Get back to your roots and remember where you are Grothman~ Wisconsin~ a state known for great strides in education for this country.