26 January 2011

Glenn Grothman surprise: Right on Payday lenders.

This surprises me because helping poor people who are down on their luck is not usually a conservative priority. Maybe the Payday lending lobby didn't shell out as much in campaign contributions as WMC?

No matter what the reason for Glenn's support, go boy go.

Editorial: Payday loan bill is defining issue for GOP as well

We're hopeful the strong statements of Republican Sens. Glenn Grothman and Jim Ott in favor of strong regulations will result in effective and encompassing regulations because payday lending figures to be a defining issue for the new leaders in state government. Few issues offer such a stark example of predatory tactics, potential for abuse and financial ruin as payday loans propped up by an industry that benefits the most when people can't pay. Many Republicans, including Gov. Scott Walker, say the legislation goes too far.

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