18 April 2011

Glenn Grothman and The New Republican Landscape

I think our Senator was ahead of the curve on this one. He's been trying his hardest to cut government services to working people, in order to pay out tax cuts to the rich, for years.

Nice to know Glenn has been a major player at the cutting edge of increasing the American disparity in wealth.

How is this conservative again?

The New Republican Landscape - NYTimes.com


The mania for blindly cutting has also spread to statehouses, many with new Republican governors and legislatures. Several states have cut their unemployment benefits below the standard 26 weeks. Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona has proposed removing 138,000 people from Medicaid. Many recession-battered states, including some led by Democrats, have been forced to cut other services because Republicans have made it so politically difficult to raise taxes. Education, mental health and juvenile justice funds have been particular targets.

In Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Maine and Florida, Republican governors have used the smokescreen of a poor economy to pursue a long-held conservative goal of destroying public and private unions. This has nothing to do with creating jobs, of course, and it has shocked many blue-collar voters who are suddenly second-guessing their support for Republicans last November.

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