05 April 2011

Grothman urges DNR to hire older workers - JSOnline

Grothman urges DNR to hire older workers - JSOnline

Madison -- Sen. Glenn Grothman advised the Department of Natural Resources on Monday to consider hiring people in their 40s and 50s because he believes younger workers don't have an understanding of the costs of regulation on the private sector.

The West Bend Republican made his comments to DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp as she addressed the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee.

"Maybe you (should) look to hire those people who know what the real world is like, rather than a recent graduate from UW-Stevens Point who doesn't know what the real world is like," Grothman said.

Grothman said older workers who have been laid off during the recession would have a better sense of the cost to businesses when involved in disputes with the agency.

Because having to work 3 crappy jobs to pay for college means you don't know what the real world is like? Apparently, for Glenn, you only get a view of the real world from your window seat in the bar at the Country Club.

Sorry Glenn, but I don't know what that world looks like either.


dave said...

The guy is actually pretty funny....for a republican.

sthom676 said...

I don't understand how he can come to this conclusion.
I understand that people in their 40's and 50's have had a lot of experience in their fields of study. But there are a few things that he doesn't seem to be taking into consideration.
1. People in their 40's and 50's will soon retire. They may have experience but they lack longevity in a new hire position.
2. UW-Stevens Point is one of the very best universities to graduate from in any field in Natural Resources, the program is recognized world wide. One reason it is recognized is because almost all graduates are required to have position/internship in their selected field in order to receive their degree.

leah@ae4rv.com said...

Please, please create a post about Grothman's dirt-eating ignorant statements today on the Michael Medved Show. His ideas about food stamps make me want to brain myself while I listen. If you write something I would love to post it to Digg. I am somewhat relieved, though, that KY isn't the only state with mentally ill senators.

Mpeterson said...

Hi Leah... sorry, but I just can't bring myself to watch it! :^)

Send me a link and I'll be happy to put it up!

leah@ae4rv.com said...

Apparently, you have got to subscribe to Medved's website to listen to archives. I just cannot bring myself to do that. I will sum up-
Senator Grothman- Food stamp recipients need not worry about the cost of what they buy and can therefore purchase "top of the line" food that "we" cannot purchase. These same people are obese because food stamps allow them to buy as much food as they want. Everyone knows healthy food is cheaper.

I guess my subsistence on ramen noodles during college was completely unnecessary. Oh, and everyone knows all the best health food stores are in the ghetto.

Also, there are no limits on the amount of food stamps people receive, right?

I was perhaps most offended when it was mentioned (with derision) that some people have used food stamps to purchase birthday cakes. The concern for the unborn fetus becomes "You don't deserve to celebrate your birthday" at some point apparently.