26 April 2011

Glenn Grothman: School too psychologically dangerous for kids?

I'm beginning to find that the psychological explanations for Senator Grothman's behaviors are the only ones that make sense...

Like, did he just get beat up a lot when he was in Kindergarten?

State ranks 6th in prekindergarten access - JSOnline

There are 4 "not intended to be factual statements" Glenn makes in this quote. Can you find them.

The nonsense from Senator Grothman:
"As Wisconsin has added more 4-year-old kindergartens, our fourth-grade reading scores have plummeted," Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) said in an interview Monday. "I think early education, like any preschool program, can have harmful psychological effects, and any academic benefit disappears by the time one is 9 or 10."
Did you find all four?

The reality:
Wisconsin met five of 10 quality benchmarks in its 4K program. It met having early learning standards, requiring teachers to have degrees and licenses, requiring teacher training and having a process in place for monitoring sites.

So, was the Senator just lying when he made his comments or were they too not intended to be factual statements? Or was he counting on Wisconsin voters to be such timid numb skulls that they don't care?

Or, after the past few months, can he even tell the difference anymore?


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Anonymous said...

Seems like Grothman is arguing that educating kids is bad. I knew he was pro-ignorance, just didn't think he'd wear that badge so proudly.