09 April 2011

Glenn Grothman: is he lying because he's afraid or does he just want the money?

Glenn's been sending out pleas for help that include increasingly hilarious, and vicious, lies.

Here's the latest.

From Apr 9, 2011 Grothman Letter


Anonymous said...

1. Glenn needs to hire a proof reader.

2. I love the line where he says, "...we could no longer allow local units of teachers to force school districts to pay for overly high teachers' union health insurance company premiums." Guess what Glenn? The West Bend School District uses Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem. I wasn't aware Anthem was the teachers' union health insurance company. At least try to educate yourself on what's happening in your own back yard, Glenn.

Rickmilw said...

Let's keep him afraid. Did you see this article? http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fportwashington-wi.patch.com%2Farticles%2Fsen-glenn-grothman-responds-to-escalating-recall-efforts&h=78754

Rickmilw said...

It is time to act - attend the Grothman recall rally this Saturday April 16 at Noon at Grady Park in Saukville, Hwy 33 at Park St.
Bring everyone you know.

Get inspired by our great line-up of speakers:

State Senator Chris Larson of the Wisconsin 14

Retired TV journalist Gus Gnorski

WI AFL-CIO Secy.-Treas. Stephanie Bloomingdale

Emerge Wisconsin Exec. Dir. Wendy Strout

Democratic Candidate for the 60th Assembly Rick Aaron

Local Teacher and Recall Activist Tanya Lohr

Then make or take a sign and petitions and suggestions for high profile locations throughout the district to get signatures.

Finally, go out with hundreds of other volunteers to help us reach our goal.

Together, we can do this!

Robyn Bindrich said...

No idea why, but I received the letter. My gut says he's just faking fear to line his pockets for the next election. My return letter is going to say something like, "Please take my donation of $18,000. Wait. Unfortunately, that's how much I'm losing in the next 2 years due to your attack on teacher-slobs. Sorry."

Anonymous said...

My friend's husband sent Glenn a letter articulating his objections to Glenn's support of the Budget Bill and received back a letter asking for funds. What I found telling was that the first amount requested was $500; next $250; last $100. Made me laugh because when I received pleas for funds for progressive causes, they start at $3; then $5, then $10 -- and mention that if you could, anything over and above that would be very much appreciated. I hope he is scared. Let's get rid of him!