10 December 2006

Glenn Grothman: missing email address.

Hi folks,

I'm tickled to tell you that Glenn took the trouble and time away from finding new ways to cut government services to the people of Washington County in order to send me a big package of documents including:

  • a page of his office stationery
  • his business card
  • a page from the West Bend Daily News Opinion page (including the usual full spread of political opinions available in our local press, from neo-con Bill "Shut up!" O'Reilly, all the way over to the even more neo-con Owen "B&S" Robinson) and, of course,
  • one of the freebie DOT maps he hands out with a Glenn Grothman State Senator sticker stuck on it...

...all with Sen.Grothman@legis.state.wi.us neatly underlined or highlighted -- exactly the address I posted in the comments to the previous message.

Which is darned nice... and darned nice of Glenn to point out that he is accessible in email.

-- but I should note that his email address is still not up in the legislative email address page.

So Glenn, what up with dat?

Oh never mind. It's just a little wrinkle anyway.

I'll be back with the promised bit about Glenn not being a real, traditional American conservative in the next post, later this week.

Keep the faith. Back in a bit.


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