29 November 2007

Glenn Grothman: getting a bigger raise this year.

Hi folks,

Okay, what I mean is, Glenn is getting a bigger raise this year than I am. Our raises went through the joint committee last week. I'm going to get about 5% this year spread out over the next 7 months -- which is darned nice and nearly catches me (and my several thousand colleagues) up with cost of living increases over the last few years. Nearly. Even though they keep cutting our health benefits. Still, it turns out that we're the low Bubba's on the state totem pole:

From the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign:

Pay raises are on the way for elected state officials, and it didn't require a vote of the full Legislature or the governor's signature. Raises of 6.3% for legislators and 7.4% for the governor were approved unanimously by the Legislature's Joint Committee on Employment Relations, and that committee's OK is all that's required to hike salaries.

Judging from the latest polling by the St. Norbert College Survey Center, the public doesn't think state politicians deserve a raise. The number of state residents who disapprove of the Legislature's job performance increased by an eye-popping 18% just since the spring of this year.

That means Glenn and his colleagues believe he's worth 1.3% a year more to the state than I am. The Gov is worth 2.4% a year more.

Tricky call.


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Anonymous said...

Where is the outrage from Owen?