18 May 2008

Glenn Grothman: standing in the way of kids from working families.

Hi everyone,

Maybe it's just that Glenn doesn't like little kids.

That would make sense.

This doesn't:

From the Wisconsin Radio Network, May 12th.

Wisconsin now has the seventh highest level of enrollment in the nation for those programs. However, State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) says that's no cause for celebration. Grothman is a long-time critic of four-year-old kindergarten, claiming it costs the state millions of dollars for no real benefit to the education of young children. He says those kids would be better off at home with their parents.
If Glenn wants to disagree with all of the major studies about the benefits of four-year-old kindergarten, and with the well understood economic advantages for kids who start education early, and with the idea that kindergarten makes it possible for hard working parents to work a few more hours a week and thus provide for their families... um.... well, then he's nuts.

-- and since no one has said it lately, this is the sort of thinking that makes him a threat to the economic well-being of Wisconsin.


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