23 November 2008

Glenn Grothman: sometimes hell does freeze over. Is MPS wasting money?

Hi everyone,

Glenn and I agree about, essentially, nothing but tavern licensing... and wasting money. Typically Glenn believes all tax money is wasted. I believe it's only wasted when it doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

Could we find ourselves on common ground? That's probably a scarier thought for Sen. Grothman than it is for me. Anyway, I'd sure like to know.

Is MPS spending too much on students:

“We’ve all heard for years rumors of rampant waste, excessive bureaucracy, and lack of concern for taxpayers’ money,” said Grothman. “Fortunately, Channel 4 News and CRG-Network has chosen to highlight some of the most outrageous excesses. It turns out Milwaukee Public Schools are spending more on consultants than on school books. In a district that always claims to be short of money, the excessive advertising budget and catering expenses are also an insult.”
The link to WTMJ is bad. Apparently news moves on.

But before rushing in to judgment, it'd be useful to know a few things:

1) why does MPS have to advertise?
2) why do they need consultants?
3) are Sen. Grothman's numbers right?

After the Garter Snake business, the prudent move would be to believe MPS first.

Let's find out. Anyone know?


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