01 July 2009

Glenn Grothman: back in the national news. CFACT [CFALSE?] again.

A follow-up.

Glenn makes US News & World Report for blowing up a paperwork bungle into ideological persecution.

Conservative Group Threatens to Sue University of Wisconsin - The Paper Trail (usnews.com)

The best line, however, isn't Glenn's here. It's this:

"It takes time and money to organize a lot of these things," CFACT National Director Bill Gilles said. "There's absolutely no way we can maintain a 300-to-400-person internship program with no money."
I love it when conservatives trot out their sense of entitlement to university funding after having created an entire political movement out of complaining when anyone else raises the question.

Check out especially:

The Sconz (who points out CFACT's creepy culty vibe)
and Forward Thinking (which runs through details surrounding CFACT's loss of funding).


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