06 November 2009

Glenn Grothman: opposes a less political DNR secretary?

Or something. I can't figure this one out. Republicans typically oppose letting Jim Doyle have any more power and here's a bill to take some away, and they're opposed to it. The DNR secretary became increasingly politicized when Tommy Thompson took control of it, and yet now Republicans want it to stay in the hands of the Governor?

Call me Ishmael, there they go again.

Legislature approves bill to shift DNR secretary appointment - JSOnline

Republican lawmakers cite examples of what they call heavy-handed regulation by the DNR in their districts. And with an ailing economy, they worried that the DNR will become less attuned to the economic effects of their decisions.

"This bill will make our regulatory climate worse," said Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend). "This is a huge step backwards."

Supporters of the independent secretary say the DNR has become more political over time. The board lost its authority to appoint the DNR secretary in 1995 under then-Gov. Tommy G. Thompson.



kevin scheunemann said...


When apppointed by the gov., even if that person is an aweful gov. like Jim Doyle, provides some public accountability for the DNR head.

If this appointment is left to egghead environmentalists, the DNR will promulgate rules to work toward environmentalists ultimate goal: Zero economic output.

The DNR is out of control already! We don't need to give this rogue agency less accountability!

Mpeterson said...

Kevin, where's your Milton Friedman when you need him?

Businesses cannot and should not be expected to act as moral agents. Their sole task is profit. Left to their own devices, as they have been over the past 8 years, they'll run up environmental costs your grandchildren will have to pay.

And there's no need to burden businesses with acting in an ethical or responsible way -- that's what government is supposed to do.

So, the DNR is tasked to make sure businesses do what's right, environmentally, rather than what's merely profitable. With governmental regulation, the damage done to the commons (water, air, soils, resources) is put on a level playing field, that's all.

Don't you want fairness in competition?

Oh, that's right: Fairness is another one of those moral problems. :^)

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Alright, now you have thrown down the gauntlet.

The DNR is not this warm fuzzy productive agency you make it out to be.

In Kewaskum, the DNR shoved a $7 million sewer plant down our throat. Why? Because in the flood of 2004 we dumped 500,000 gallons in diluted wastewater runoff (as opposed to MMSD that dumps billions of gallons every time it drizzles).

Why did we dump? Because we had our parked ripped up because of another unneeded DNR mandate water/sewer system mandate! One of the contruction contractors left a manhole off the sanitary sewer because the flood came up quickly.

In the 3 subsequent years we never dumped, including 1 rainstorm last year that was worse than the 2004flood/rainstrom. Why did we not dump with the same plant? Because the DNR construction project was done!

Did that stop the DNR shoving a new sewer plant down our throat, over the 2004 DNR manufactured dump, that was otherwise ALWAYS in compliance and was projected to produce acceptable clean water for many more years, minimum?

Result, everyone's sewer bill is $600 more per year! To a rich guy like you, that means nothing.

But to a guy making $10/hour, this is an extra week and a half of work to satisfy some idiot at the DNR without a brain. (Then lets add in all your proposed tax increases this year on top of all taxes we already pay!)

I voted against this, but many on the board feared words like fine, mandate, and AG investigation for "failure to comply"!

Is this the kind of society you advocate?

If it is, its disgusting.

Liberals disposing of a workers labor for unneeded public projects!

Did I say how disgusting this kind of environmental advocacy is?

It should be a crime of public fraud!

And you want DNR to have less accountability?

You really pushed my buttons on this one.

You better be careful about waiving your DNR flag in Kewaskum, residents are outraged about this.

Talking about making the DNR less accountable to taxpayers is so silly, Kewaskum residents may question your sanity.

Mpeterson said...

Not to you they're not.

I missed the whole fuzzy productive thing. They aren't productive and you know that. Why would you characterize them that way... except to avoid addressing the points raised?

kevin scheunemann said...

Where is the DNR accountability?

We had clean water before the $7 million mandate....

We have clean water after the $7 million mandate....

Residents have to pay $600 a year more to achieve the same exact result!

Meanwhile this "agency" lets MMSD dump the Milwaukee poop with impugnity!

Does Milwaukee Democrat poop somehow stink less?

Its bad enough Jim Doyle lets the DNR get away with this extortion...how much worse would it be if we employed your suggestion to make the DNR less accountable??????

The DNR makes Kewaskum clean up its clean water while the poop spigot flows wide open into Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.

Glen is trying to fix this DNR absurdity. Your proposal makes it worse.

Yes, I'm dripping with political venom on this issue.

The DNR is bad for the environment!!!!

Mpeterson said...

Kevin, quit teasing. This is simply nonsense with punctuation. Are you simply practicing your typing?

Or is your job to be a stalking horse to crowd out other comments?

Egghead environmentalists, apparently, means people who actually know something about the environment... don't you think they're the ones who ought to make the appointment? Why trust business to do it? If you didn't have legal proscriptions on your Dairy Queen behavior, there'd be no reason for you not to trash the surrounding environment -- and most of the shadow stat cost benefit analyses of business behaviour I've seen (not to mention the game theory simulations... not to mention everything business has actually done in this country since I was a child) seen suggest you'd be happy to do so.

Or have you decided that businesses don't believe in capitalism anymore?

I'm guessing stalking horse.

That or business these days must be terrible.

kevin scheunemann said...

Which part is nonsense...

The DNR letting the MMSD poop spigot flow wide open into lake every time it rains...


The DNR making Kewaskum spend $600 per household per year to fix something that was not broken...

Its all nonsense, and if you think that kind of DNR decision making helps the environment...or the economy...you have your eyes closed to the problem of Madison egg-headism. ( or do I need to bring up the Asian beetle issue?)

Just on the DNR issue alone, Glen deserves re-election, Democrats do nothing about do-nothing environmentalism wasting resources under the guise of the DNR!