26 February 2011

Glenn Grothman: favors cutting public employees out of the middle class.

A bit of a Glenn round up -- now that he's the face of Wisconsin 'conservatism.'

RealClearPolitics - Politics - Feb 26, 2011 - Interview With Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman

GROTHMAN: Right. All -- we need one. It`s tough in this job. We are human beings. You do not like to be all alone. So my guess is it`s not one that will come back. It will be three or four that will come back, but there are a variety of things that will push them.

First of all, the threat of layoffs. I mean, the whole purpose of Governor Walker`s proposal is to make sure nobody gets laid off. Everybody takes an 8 percent to 10 percent cut in take-home pay. Few people get laid off. The alternate would be have lots of people being laid off. And I don`t think the Democrats want that on their conscience.

So, extortion will do the job that reason can't. Makes sense.

He also made a tweet in the Huffington Post

“Start recall or impeach Glenn Grothman wisconsin”

Obviously written by someone who doesn't know about Glenn's base here in Washington County.... although, after he pushes through the *real* cuts, and we won't be able to plow and have to cut teachers and police and fire departments and the roads don't get fixed and local property taxes will be forced through the ceiling, then... who knows? Maybe people will be grateful to him for forcing up their property taxes and driving them into foreclosure rather than simply bumping the state sales tax by 1% for a few years. Maybe.

And something from all the way down in North Carolina...

One of the little known provisions in the pending Wisconsin legislation would allow the Governor to sell off certain state owned energy assets in a no bid process. Koch Industries, (yes that Koch), owns among many other things, energy businesses. Remember I have always said that Republicans view campaign donations as investments. Could the Koch brother be looking for a return on their investment?

Tea Party/Republican Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman, who has become Walker’s de facto press secretary with many news outlets, has repeatedly stated that the non-financial provisions are needed for efficient deployment of labor. That translates to we don’t want the union interfering with transferring workers as a punishment. Let’s say you are a prison guard who takes an anti-Walker stand. Without union protection retaliation wouldn’t have to take the form of termination, you just get transferred to another prison hours from where you live. I could go on with other examples but you get the idea. The plantation mentality is alive and well with the haves that back this movement – listen to the master who lives in the big house.
It's suddenly easy to recognize Walker... and Glenn. Maybe Glenn is hoping for crumbs of some kind from this experience -- but it's almost too psychically masochistic to really understand properly.

That's about it for now... until Fox puts him back on to represent... well, remember, he does represent his district. But again, I wonder if they'll thank him when the property taxes soar... we'll see.


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Jeremy said...

Hey there MP. I was in Madison today protesting, and while I was very encouraraged by the solidary I was troubled that I couldn't find anyone passing around a petition to recall Grothman. If anyone would have a petition of that sort I figured it would be you.