16 February 2012

Glenn Grothman, wrong: cutting grass around billboards more important than teachers?

Senator Grothman has been busy introducing new ways to spend your tax dollars on his friends in business. The latest will make sure the state cuts back grass and brush from around advertising signs... because, to Glenn, this is a better way to spend your money than fully funding your kids' education.

Sen. Grothman will introduce a Senate version of AB 216, relating to maintenance and removal of vegetation obstructing the view of outdoor advertising signs along highways. If you are already signed onto the Assembly version, you will also be signed onto the Senate version unless we are otherwise instructed.

Please note that the Senate version (attached) incorporates a substitute amendment and a simple amendment to the sub, which were adopted in the Assembly committee.

Deadline: Friday, February 17.

Better hurry!


Krisken said...

I'm trying to think of a place where the giant signs are obstructed by vegetation and am coming up blank.

Besides, shouldn't this be up to the companies who own the signs/land?

Vince Marolla said...

Oh Glenn, I wonder if he realized that the signs telling who volunteers to clean certain highways have a rainbow on them. Will he go after that next???