14 May 2012

Glenn Grothman: his views on Abstinence-based sex ed are a threat to young people.

Senator Grothman's beliefs about abstinence based sex education put high schoolers at risk across the state... it's like requiring them to conceal carry and then refusing to provide proper instruction.  Here's more proof.

On the other hand, Grothman's beliefs will be be the cause of a lot more abortions -- needless deaths caused so he can make a splash with his religious base -- so that should keep him in business.

Because Of Abstinence Education, 60 Percent Of Young Adults Are Misinformed About Birth Control's Effectiveness | ThinkProgress

A new study from the Guttmacher Institute unsurprisingly finds that greater knowledge about contraceptive services is directly correlated to a decrease in young adults’ risky sexual behavior. However, after quizzing a nationally representative sample of 1,800 sexually active Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 on their basic knowledge of contraception methods, Guttmacher reports that “more than half of young men and a quarter of young women received low scores on contraceptive knowledge, and six in 10 underestimated the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.” 

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