26 July 2012

Glenn Grothman Wants Elections Close Enough to Steal?

Apparently.  This does track with the fact that, underlying everything Glenn says, is a belief that the responsibilities of citizenship come in second place to economics.  So, if they have to steal elections "For the good of the economy" it's okay.

Just musing.  Here's the link from the cousins over at Voices Newspaper.

Voices Newspaper Blog: Glenn Grothman Wants Elections Close Enough to Steal

Grothman is doing his part to help ensure the election will be close enough to steal by denying legal citizens the right to vote, despite the fact that two judges have independently determined that the state's American Legislative Exchange Council-inspired voter ID restriction imposes an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote 


Voices Newspaper Blog said...

I love the way you have framed this -- Grothman essentially believes the interests of the economic elite and everything they feel entitled to outweigh any rights of citizens to participate in a democracy.

When Koch/ALEC interests "wins" elections, everyone is duty bound to shut-up and accept the results because "elections have consequences" when the economic elite win.

BUT, if the will of the people goes against the economic elite that Grothman works for -- democracy and civil rights be damned.

You post has made it clear to me -- Grothman actually believes our elections are nothing more than a dog-and-pony show to enable the wealthiest among us.

By hook or crook, all that matters is that Grothman's backers get what they want regardless of the will we the people.

The republican party has de-evolved into a criminal cabal that will hold you and I accountable to the "rule of law" but freely violates it with no consequences when they deem fit.

I always knew glenn was a disgusting excuse for a human being, but now I can really smell the stench.

Anonymous said...

I believe there is fraud, and it is more likely to come from Democrats. I support Glenn. The thing is, without voter id it's impossible to detect fraud. Therefore, we are told, there is no fraud. Duh!

Democrats and liberals complain. Better lots of people put fraudlent ballots in the system and disenfrancise a host of others than one person too inept to get a free id be disallowed from voting.