01 January 2013

More Honey Boo Boo publicity for Wisconsin.

As Honey Boo Boo has proven, you gotta be who you are.  Here's who Glenn is.

Glenn Grothman Slams Kwanzaa: 'Almost No Black People Today Care.. Just White Left-Wingers'


Anonymous said...

Both my husband and I knew Glen before he went to Madison when he was a tax attorney and cared about the people he represented. Since he has been in Madison and especially more recently, he has totally lost it and had turned into a "my way or the highway" person. His comments about single parents were totally out of line--and I can speak from experience as I was a single parent for a few years after my first husband died--my kids were not abused, all have college degrees, two of them have master's degrees, none have ever been arrested for drunk driving or done drugs or anything else. Now he is attacking other people's beliefs and celebrations, simply because they do not agree with his beliefs---I shudder to think what he will come up with next. He has become an arrogant, know it all person---and when I think back to one of the comments he made at the Capitol ruckus about the teachers being stupid and undedicated (think those were his words)---I would just like to ask him---how does he think he got to where he is now?--somebody had to teach him initially, is he saying these same un-educated people are the ones that taught him?--could that explain why he is the way he is?

cosign said...

We had Jesse Helms and you have Glenn Grothman. Thankfully, Jesses wasn't around to embarrass North Carolina today with blogs, Huff Posts and all those ubiquitous tweets.

Wisconsin: my sympathies and good luck!

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Are you upset because its true?

Good Job Glenn for exposing this liberal religion in public schools.