25 September 2006

Glenn Grothman: private property allows us to kill threatened species.

Hi folks,

Honest, I promise to STOP blogging about the darned Butler's garter snake just as soon as Glenn lets go of it's tail.

Today in the online Journal-Sentinel:

The co-chairman of the committee, Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), said he does not believe the DNR has the authority to limit the use of private land to protect a threatened species.
So the DNR wouldn't have had the authority to stop me from shooting Bald Eagles as long as they were on my property?

[While the bald eagle remains on the Federal threatened list, populations of our national symbol here in Wisconsin are thriving and have been, happily, finally, taken off the list. I suppose Glenn could shoot them now, if he wanted to -- except for the eagle specific acts protecting them. Still, it's a safe damned bet that the DNR had the authority to keep us from shooting them, even on our own property, back when they were still endangered.]

Glenn must know somebody who wanted to put up a fence. I wonder who it was?



Anonymous said...

If Wisconsin really wants to protect Butler's, it should petition for federal listing. That would take it out of Grothmans hands.

Mpeterson said...

Yes indeed. Ironically, for Glenn, it would take this issue out of his hands and bring in a cataract of federal regulation which, you'd think, would be his worst nightmare. This is just another reason why no one has been able to make any sense of his behaviours.