02 September 2006

Glenn Grothman: wrong on environmental conservation.

Another Glenn sighting last week -- this time at the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust.

I'm starting to freak out a little bit with all these sightings: can Glenn continue to frequent these enemy gathering and maintain his street cred as the most right-wing right-winger in the state? Or maybe I was right about that whole 'prodigal son' thing? Could Glenn really believe in helping the downtrodden and in protecting nature from wildcat greed-sotted developers? (except for garter snakes, of course -- see below)

I mean, seriously: first the NAACP and now the OWLT.

At first I suspected he was simply trying to scoot over a little bit to make room out there on the fringes for Rep. Green, but when I mentioned all this to folks in the area, many of them Republicans I'm gratified to say, their guesses for his behavior were uniform:

"They probably had food out."

I suppose there is some rational ground lurking in here, however. Maybe Glenn thinks we could privatize Nature and that the OWLT is the fine edge of the wedge. That would be in keeping with his need to keep government from collecting any taxes whatsoever.

That's probably the reason. You know you can always trust business to be unselfishly moral despite all that claptrap from Milton Friedman.

And think where this could lead:

  • The Interstate Highways, privatized.
  • The Milwaukee River: privatized with user fees.
  • Lake Michigan: privatized.
-- oh, and best of all:
  • The Government of the United States: privatized.
I guess we could outsource running the country to a big corporation. I understand that Glenn's party knows a LOT of people who run big corporations.


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