28 August 2006

Glenn Grothman: wrong on the morning after pill

Hi folks,

I should be fair and note that Glenn got this wrong last year (and not this week) when he sponsored and introduced the failed Assembly Bill 343. As always with Glenn, some things you just can't make up. Anyway, this is relevant this week because the FDA has let science trump politics for a change and allowed wider distribution of the Morning After Pill.

The idea of Glenn prescribing his personal morality for both Wisconsinites and the University of Wisconsin System seemed normal and, so, appropriate for here -- but he's in it with Pat Strachota so the full story is over at The Motley Cow.



clyde said...
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clyde said...

I find it appalling that Glenn actually opposes the bill that is now in the legislature that would require hospitals providing emergency services in the state to provide information about, and access to, emergency contraception to victims of rape or incest.

See my continuing dialogue with Sen. Grothman, and other legislators, in "Emergency Contraception for Victims of Rape" in the "Hearts and Minds" blog, linked here.