21 August 2006

Glenn Grothman: Wrong on Race?

Hi folks,

In my entire life I've only seen 2 pileated woodpeckers.

They're pretty rare -- but not nearly as rare as this:

There was a Glenn-spotting over the weekend at the Ozaukee NAACP picnic. Glenn showed up for about 45 minutes and -- one imagines -- ate.

But I'm trying to work out how Glenn's services-slashing voting record squares with his support of the NAACP vision. It seems that the two should contradict each other.

How do I make sense of his hacking away at services for economically disadvantaged folks -- by supporting whopping big tax breaks to the richest few percent of us -- and his showing up at a picnic for the most visible group working to encourage services to our neighbors who have been institutionally excluded from the good life?

Maybe he's turned over a new leaf. Could Glenn be a prodigal son who has finally come around to a socially compassionate world-view that doesn't require shifting the tax burden to the poor? Will the Republican Party have to dump him? Will I ever see another pileated woodpecker?


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Anonymous said...

Glenn went to the Ozaukee NAACP picnic? Ozaukee HAS an NAACP chapter??

But that is the good work that Goofy Glenn does -- making us aware of the brave few struggling on in the political Barren Lands of southeastern Wisco.

Oh, and . . . coming home from a canoe trip a week ago, I saw two pileated woodpeckers working on the same utility pole outside Atikokan, Ontario. The pole didn't have a chance.