28 August 2006

Glenn Grothman: expert on herbicides?

Hi folks,

Glenn was irritable again this last week because the DNR keeps interfering with his fun. I know how he feels.

I was irritable when my-brother-the-doctor told me I had to quit smoking. He's a cardiologist and an expert on the effects of smoking. He called me late one night with some new, and even more awful, details about what smoking does to your heart. I knew he was right, but I didn't want to listen to him. Even though it was bad for me, I loved to smoke.

So I know how Glenn feels when a whole bunch of PhD's and other experts at the DNR tell him that something he wants is a bad idea. He's already irritable about the whole garter snake business, and now the DNR wants to regulate a herbicide that might be a bit too dangerous for humans.

Here's the story from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Panel wary of plan for herbicide rule
Legislators vow to stop proposed standards unless requests are met



Posted: Aug. 22, 2006

Madison - A legislative committee pressed the Department of Natural Resources on Tuesday to reconsider a plan to regulate a controversial and widespread farm chemical and vowed to reject the rule outright if the agency doesn't agree to its requests.

Under language drafted by Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), the co-chairman of the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules, the panel wants the DNR to agree to a peer-reviewed study to evaluate the herbicide, which is marketed by St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. under the trade name Lasso.


But Republicans said the DNR's proposal was another instance of the agency overreaching its authority - few states are cracking down on the chemical, and only two wells in Wisconsin are thought to have exceeded the proposed limit.


A random study of private wells by the agriculture department in 2001 showed that 28% of the wells contained some level of alachlor's byproduct, known as alachlor ethane sulfonic acid, or ESA.

Its presence in so many wells makes it the most the prevalent synthetic chemical in Wisconsin's groundwater, state officials said.

Right... So, 2 details:

  1. Glenn thinks it's okay to let foxes set up a peer reviewed study of how best to watch the chicken coop. Foxes have definite ideas about chickens. and...
  2. If only two wells have reached the DNR suggested limits -- even though 5 years ago 28% showed traces of the herbicide -- then... well, there is no "then." How many wells should be allowed to reach the limits? How many Wisconsinites should "be allowed" to find this stuff in their wells? 20? 30? 1000? How about only yours?

This much seems clear: Glenn would rather listen to the foxes at Monsanto than the PhD's and doctors hired to look after the interest of us chickens.


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Anonymous said...

You only have to look as far as his donor list to discover why Glenn is on this issue. I hope Glenn is reading your blog maybe he will... well, who knows he might just create a fully informed opinion.