23 January 2008

Glenn Grothman: wrong on sex, again.

Hi folks,

I guess now that Colorado has tossed TABOR into the dustbin of history, Glenn is having to make do with harangues about sexual immorality. Here's this week's "Press Release" playing up his latest nonsense: that good counseling and a common sense approach to birth control in young people encourage sexual predators.

This is like saying "giving people flotation devices encourages predators to drown them."

Anyway, the headline:

Grothman Attempts to Stop State From Encouraging Sexual Predators
Time to End Family Planning Waiver Program for 15, 16, and 17 Year Olds
His argument reminds me of that coffee can down in the basement filled with a useless collection of rusty nuts and bolts and parts from vacuum cleaners they stopped making in the 50's. I'll be using this jumble in Logic next semester to demonstrate the fallacies of complex question, hasty generalization, and appeal to ignorance. Here's a convenient list of logical fallacies and their definitions. See how many you can find.

Here's the crux of the matter: Glenn's point seems to be that using birth control causes adolescents to have sex. This is just stupid -- as anyone who has ever been an adolescent knows.

Biology causes adolescents to have sex, not birth control. We have to deal with that biology, not stick our heads in the sand and wish for Ward Cleaver to deliver us. Besides, biology caused kids in the 1950's to have sex too.



Other Side said...

Doesn't Grothman live with his mother?

Dekerivers said...

I say we find the cause for GOPer's needing sex, and find a cure.....fast.

The crazy conservatives that see sex education, and related issues such as condoms, as a sin or liberal tool to encourage sexual activity among young people is so very misguided. The kids are going to have sex, and responsible folks will try and limit the possible side effects be it STD's or unwanted children.

If the conservatives cannot be a part of the solution, I strongly suggest they move the #$%$# aside.